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Friday, March 27
in a nutshell
Currently -4
High 1
Tonight -5


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 Report: Jayce Hawryluk "alert and talking" after medical incident
High temp: -6.3, Low: -14
 Victim pictures
 chinese buffet manners
 What the &@%'s wrong with these guys??
 X-Fest 3 act confirmed
 Maternity clothes

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The last of the the snow in Brandon will be melted by...

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Company trucks - you represent your employer
I know it's come up before, but guys, if your driving a company truck, don't drive like an idiot! You're not convincing me I should ever hire your business by almost running me over. :-/   ...
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The Cold Hard Truth Written by Jamie ...
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Neelin Choirs Present: Follow the Golden Sun
Posted by Brandon School Division
Neelin Choirs Present: Follow the Golden SunWednesday, March 25th @ 7:30 pmKnox United Church, 17th Street & Victoria AvenueAdmission: Adults: $8S...Read more >>

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