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Wednesday, October 22
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 acquaintance rape
High temp: 0.9, Low: -3.5
 How to get a house to smell nice....what do you use
 At a hotel last night....
 Hey come you can't get your own man?
 H1N1 Vaccine: Who's getting it??
 Train derailment
 Best Fitness Facility In Brandon

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Your Brandon election predictions
Time to put on the prognosticator hat and test how well you can see into the future. Please share how you think the vote tomorrow will turn out......    For Mayor:  What candidate will win and what percentage of the vote will each cand...
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Document Series: The Mortgage Statement
Posted by ChrisTurcotte-CentumMortgageChoice
I’ve learned a valuable lesson when doing a blog series, DON’T quote a date for when the next blog will come out. So far, we’ve talk...Read more >>

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Free Flu Clinics
 Brandon: Saturday, Oct. 18  10 am-5pm
Nurses Res. Gym, BRHC

Clinic dates and times across PMH

 Triple P Positive Parenting Program
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