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Help make eBrandon tick!

eBrandon gives you the opportunity to regularly tell it which discussions and discussion types you like the most... all the while helping determine which discussions you and others should be checking out. On each discussion thread, you have the ability to choose one of three options:
"I like this as a topic for discussion," "this discussion should be buried," or "I am neutral on this discussion topic. Let others decide it's importance."
Based on this information, eBrandon is able to:

- Determine the most popular current discussions as well as the most popular over the past week and month
- Determine what the current front page "Hot topic" is
- Determine if there are certain threads that should be "buried"
- Learn what types of discussions you prefer to read and use them as a basis to make suggestions for new topics you may be interested in.
- "Bookmark" the specific threads you've indicated a likeness for for easier access later
- Reward and encourage those who have started interesting discussions (the amount of likes each discussion has received is displayed at the top of that discussion thread)

How do I tell eBrandon my thoughts on a thread?
Each discussion thread in the site has a small box directly below the first post. Simply click on the corresponding link in that box to tell the system what you think about that thread.

How do I see the discussions that are suggested for me based on my likes, as well as discussions I've already indicated that I like?
The more threads you indicate a likeness for, the better the system is able to determine which specific discussion groups to show you messages in. To view these suggestions (after you have submitted at least a few likes), click on the "View all popular and suggested discussions" off of the front page of eBrandon under the Popular discussions tab. Alternately, you can move your mouse over top of "Discussions" in the main eBrandon menu bar and select popular. In addition, if you visit your user profile this information is displayed in the right-hand column for easy access.

What if my thread gets buried?
The system is built to only bury discussions that a large number of people have indicated are not of interest to them. This is likely to only happen to threads relating to very specific special interest groups, discussions that attempt to promote/advertise and other similar discussion types that are generally not among the most popular among site members. Burying does not mean that a discussion is removed from the site, it is still completely accessible from the discussion group you posted it in. A buried discussion is also not forever delegated to that status. If it receives enough "likes" to counteract the buries, the buried status may be automatically removed.

How do you prevent abuse?
The most likely area for abuse would be certain individuals attempting to bury as many discussions as they can, for whatever their reasons. The system prevents this type of abuse by limiting the amount of buries on can submit on active topics without also submitting likes. Each person may only submit a vote once per thread over that thread's history. In the event something unexpected happens, we monitor buries to ensure that there is no abuse.

What if I have no opinion on the thread I've viewing?
Please select that you are "neutral" or choose not to vote. That way you will not effect that thread's "buried" status and you will not give a thread popularity that you do not feel it should get.

How can I remove a like?
On your user profile, you can view every single like you've submitted. Next to each of those likes is the option to remove. You cannot, however, remove buries or neutral votes.

Questions or suggestions?
This system is in place to ensure that eBrandon is the kind of site that gives you an opportunity to discuss things that are interesting to you. We're always interested to hear suggestions on how we can improve this system and the site in general. To submit your feedback, please use the contact link at the top of any page in the site.