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Advertise your business on eBrandon

With over 3,000 daily unique visitors and over 6,400 registered members all seeking local information, advertising your business with is the most effective way for a business to reach a Brandon and Western Manitoba audience online.

Key benefits:

- Target your advertising to all Brandonites or only those interested in a particular section
- Trackable results. See how many times your ad was displayed and clicked on
- Great bang for your advertising buck. Reach way more local eyes at a significantly lesser cost than you may have thought possible
- Appeal to a wide range of ages. Based on member surveys, eBrandon isn’t just a way to reach the unreachable 30 and under demo; it’s users are evenly spread from 18 through to 60 years of age.
- Make your ad interactive. Catch peoples’ attention with animation and/or rotating frames of text.

Ways to banner advertise on eBrandon

To keep things simple, there are two types of banner ads available as described below. Both offer the ability to display your business’ ad and website link. Costs are based on a 3, 6 or 12 month commitment.

Top Banner Ad (4 available) – Displayed at the top of every page on eBrandon. Only four are sold, so your ad will be shown one in four times for a total of hundreds of thousands of times per month. Cost per month: 1 month- $330, 3 months- $320/month, 6 months- $310/month, 12 months- $300/month.

Square Targetted Ad (dozens available) – Each section within eBrandon has a large, highly visible square ad. Sections are sponsored exclusively and the advertiser has first right of refusal when renewal comes up. Cost varies depending on the section being sponsored and the term commitment; $100 per month to $200 per month. Click here for a list of available sections and prices

Business Directory membership

eBrandon includes a detailed business directory with over 150 categories within which to place your business. For just $99 per year, you can place your business in up to three related categories. Also included is the ability to post detailed product and service information, contact information, your website link, coupons and unlimited jobs to our classified jobs section. Click for more details on business membership or here to add your business now.

For more information

eBrandon’s Adam Sobkow has over ten years of experience in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes promote themselves online. Should you have even the smallest of questions or for more information on what type of advertising might be a fit for your business or organization, please contact Adam by phone at 728-2407 or by using this form.