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Targetted Square Ad Inventory and Pricing

eBrandon is now offering highly visible square ads directly alongside content in all website sections. Below is a listing of all available spots along with monthly costs on 3, 6 and 12 month pre-payment. Please contact us to inquire into availability of your preferred section or to discuss how to find an option that best fits your needs and budget.

Regular site sections – Each of the sections listed below are sold as exclusive sponsorship by your business for that section. Includes ad display on section’s main page as well as content within that section. Have up to four different ads randomly displayed promoting different aspects of your business.

News - $170/160/150
Weather - $170/160/150
Photos - $170/160/150
People - $170/160/150
Videos - $170/160/150
Events - $170/160/150
Blogs - $170/160/150
Movies - $170/160/150

Discussion groups – Because of the amount of attention/visits the discussion groups get, a total of four spots are sold and rotated on a random basis on discussion group pages as well as each individual discussion. Because of the amount clicks your average discussion browser registers, your ad is all but guaranteed to be seen by everyone numerous times.

Costs for discussion group square ad: $170/160/150

Classifieds – Sold as exclusive sponsorship of a specific category to only your business. Ad is displayed on all listings of that category as well as each item for sale in that category. An ideal opportunity for businesses who target the same market that a category caters to. Provide up to four of your own completely different ads promoting different ads of your business at no additional cost. Each time a page in your category loads, one of your (up to) four ads is randomly chosen. Pricing is done based on the popularity of the category as per below:

Agricultural (merchandise) - $200/190/180
Agricultural (pets & animals) - $170/165/160/150
Housing for rent - $170/160/150
Housing for sale - $220/200/195
Automotive- Cars - $170/160/150
Automotive- SUVs, Trucks, Vans - $170/160/150
Motorcycles/ATVs - $170/160/150
Boats - $170/160/150
RVs/Campers/Trailers - $170/160/150
Child and Baby Items - $170/160/150
Furniture - $170/160/150
Home Appliances - $170/160/150
Home & Garden - $170/160/150
Computers & Accessories - $170/160/150
Electronics - $170/160/150
Clothing - $170/160/150
Sport & Fitness - $170/160/150
Jewellery - $170/160/150
Collectables - $170/160/150
Games/Video games - $170/160/150
Books - $170/160/150
CD/DVD/VHS - $170/160/150
Job Opportunities - $200/190/180

Front page – The first place the average user’s eye gravitates towards when visiting eBrandon. Because of the amount of attention/visits the front page gets, a total of four spots are sold and rotated on a random basis.

Costs for front page square ad: $270/260/250

Ad design fees - In any situation, you may provide your chosen ad(s) in JPEG, GIF of Animated GIF format. Cost for eBrandon staff to design an ad is $75 per hour with an average ad taking one hour to create. Please contact us for a specific quote.

For more information

eBrandon’s Adam Sobkow has over ten years of experience in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes promote themselves online. Should you have even the smallest of questions or for more information on what type of advertising might be a fit for your business or organization, please contact Adam by phone at 728-2407 or by using this form.