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Get your blog featured!

In addition to its popular discussion groups, eBrandon has another powerful option for you to share your thoughts, opinions and expertise with Brandon and Western Manitoba- Blogs. Whereas discussions are an evolving exchange of posts from potentially thousands of members, blogs are intended more as your area to get your thoughts out.

Where are blogs displayed?

By default, your blog postings are feature both on your profile as well as on the listing of recent blogs on the eBrandon "Blogs" tab available in the top menu.

Feature blogs- more exposure for your blog

For certain blogs, eBrandon offers the option of setting your blog as a "feature blog." As a featured blog, your postings will also show in the centre column of eBrandon's front page as well in the "recent blogs" box in the right-hand column of many discussion and classified pages. Having your blog featured is 100%, the only criteria being that:
1) your posts are on a topic that comes from a particular area of expertise or influence. For example if you are a photography afficionado, your blog postings would be on photography. If you are a member of public office, your postings would be as a means of communicating and connecting with the folks you're represending.
2) the postings are not directly promotional in nature. They should have some informational value to the user. If you are involved with something that's being promoted, it's okay to slip in a brief promotional line for an event, etc so long as it follows the body of a full-fledged writeup.
3) This is very soft criteria, but preferable you would be posting once per month. In reality you can post as frequent or infrequent as you see fit... whenever the urge hits you to post thoughts on a given topic

Getting featured

If you'd like to have your blog featured or have any questions at all, please send us a note through the contact us page. The intent of feature blogs is to arrive at win-win situations whereby the person posting gets a medium through which to get their thoughts out, while eBrandonners have something of interest/value to read. If you have any other suggestions on how this can be done for your particular situation or in your area of expertise, just ask and we'll see what we can work out!

Turning commenting on or off

As the main intent of blogging is to get your thoughts out, you have the option yourself of changing your profile settings to turn commenting on or off. For more information, click on the "profile settings" link in the left-hand column of your profile.