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Private country living
For sale
Virden, Posted 7/15, 1:52 PM
3 Acres
For sale
Virden, Posted 6/15, 10:20 PM
2 Bedroom Condo BRANDON
For sale
Virden, Posted 6/8, 8:16 AM
Mobile home to be moved
For sale
Virden, Posted 5/24, 7:34 PM
(Reduced 67%)
Beautiful Home For Sale in Virden
For sale
Virden, Posted 5/8, 10:07 PM
Beautiful House for Sale in Maryfield SK
For sale
Virden, Posted 5/8, 11:14 AM
For sale
Virden, Posted 4/11, 11:53 PM
(Reduced 4%)
House for sale
For sale
Virden, Posted 3/14, 9:45 PM
(Reduced 10%)
Virden Acreage for sale (with oil revenue)!
For sale
Virden, Posted 1/14, 9:54 PM
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