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TINGLEY, VERA MAY1900-01-01 - 1901-08-12
O'HARA, HAZEL JULIA1900-01-01 - 1901-11-10
MCQUEEN, HELEN1895-01-01 - 1901-09-21
DAVIDSON, FRANK S.1900-01-01 - 1901-03-14
WIECK, COLDWELL LEORY1900-01-01 - 1901-01-22
COOMBES, ELIZABETH HINCH1900-01-01 - 1901-04-20
CLARK, MARGARET HELEN1900-08-30 - 1901-03-05
GILLIES, EDITH ISABELL1891-10-27 - 1901-12-31
EARL, KATHLEEN VENETIA1900-01-01 - 1901-03-26
CLEMENT, STEPHEN1831-12-31 - 1901-11-22
COOMBS, ANN MILLER1900-01-01 - 1901-04-03
COOMBS, LILLIAN EMMA1900-01-01 - 1901-02-07
AXFORD, HARRY A.1900-01-01 - 1901-02-16
YOUNG, GORDON CRANSTON1900-01-01 - 1901-02-26
REA, ESTELLA1900-01-01 - 1901-02-22
TINGLEY, VERA MAY1900-01-01 - 1901-08-12
IRVING, EDITH GERTRUDE1900-01-01 - 1901-07-28
STOREY, ALBERT1900-01-01 - 1901-08-28
BRICE, A.D.1900-01-01 - 1901-11-20
MCKENZIE, ALEXANDER1900-01-01 - 1901-08-17
GREEN, WILLOUBY ARNOLD1900-01-01 - 1901-08-28
BEARE, MARY CATHERINE1900-01-01 - 1901-11-29
IMLACH, CLARENCE ROBERT1900-01-01 - 1901-11-02
WELLS, ANNA HILL1900-01-01 - 1901-06-24
MCCALLUM, DONALD1864-03-14 - 1901-07-20
BIRDSELL, NANCY BLACK1900-01-01 - 1901-07-06
CHITTICK, MARY ADELAIDE1900-01-01 - 1901-09-05
KING, WILLIAM GEORGE1900-01-01 - 1901-04-12
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES1900-01-01 - 1901-08-10
BALL, WILLIAM HENRY1900-01-01 - 1901-03-29
MCFARLIN, ELIZABETH ENNIS1845-10-09 - 1901-02-12
HEARN, ARTHUR ALBERT1901-03-13 - 1901-03-22
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