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SMITH, UNNAMED1910-09-01 - 1910-09-11
SMITH, NELLIE1909-10-01 - 1910-09-14
REGAN, JOHN1871-01-01 - 1910-11-01
GIBSON, ANNIE1835-01-01 - 1910-12-27
LESZCZUK, JOHN1909-01-01 - 1910-08-26
KIELT, JOSEPH1910-03-01 - 1910-09-09
MESYGTO, MARY1904-01-01 - 1910-01-11
KAMINSKI, SAPIAN1910-02-01 - 1910-08-21
SEGUIN, MARY GRACIA1910-08-01 - 1910-09-20
MORRIS, THOMAS1854-01-01 - 1910-09-19
PAULIN, DANELDA EILEEN1910-02-13 - 1910-09-29
HOLLOES, MICHAEL1910-09-25 - 1910-10-05
MALINOSKI, FRANCIS1900-01-01 - 1910-10-09
YUZWIN, REGINA1900-01-01 - 1910-10-14
YACKO, ROSALIA1909-11-01 - 1910-10-21
USWIN, NORDYCK1904-01-01 - 1910-10-23
KUMARSZCO, KATIE1910-03-01 - 1910-09-16
PENDERKOSKI, HELEN1901-01-01 - 1910-10-23
PENDERKOSKI, PAULINE1906-01-01 - 1910-11-09
KUFLUK, MARY1910-11-01 - 1910-11-07
MARTINIK, MARY1910-11-19 - 1910-11-21
MARTINIK, MIKE1910-11-01 - 1910-11-29
BROWN, SARAH HELENA1910-11-03 - 1910-11-04
BOROSKI, ALEC1876-01-01 - 1910-10-31
LYLE, EDNA1900-01-01 - 1910-10-07
D'AOUST, JOSEPH LOUIS1834-01-01 - 1910-12-26
OLENICK, UNNAMED1910-01-01 - 1910-09-11
BUDYNSKI, STEFA1909-01-01 - 1910-08-03
BUDYNSKI, MICHEL1908-01-01 - 1910-08-05
SKARONIK, MILLIE1909-01-01 - 1910-08-07
KLEPACZEK, ANDREW1882-01-01 - 1910-11-09
PERGAYUK, FRED1860-01-01 - 1910-09-02
DAVIDSON, JOHN ALEXANDER1872-04-23 - 1910-02-10
KNIGHT, BABY GEORGE1910-01-01 - 1910-08-19
DAVIDSON, ANNIE1838-01-01 - 1910-07-30
BRAGG, MARY1909-11-07 - 1910-09-16
MCKELVIE, JOHN D.1824-03-23 - 1910-08-15
MATHER, STANLEY MORRIS1900-01-01 - 1910-04-24
MAXWELL, DOUGLAS MURRAY1909-09-01 - 1910-07-29
SHILLINGLAW, JAMES1832-07-12 - 1910-09-01
WHILLIER, GEORGE STANLEY1910-06-26 - 1910-11-11
DONALDSON, FLORENCE RUTH1910-03-05 - 1910-08-15
WATSON, GEORGE1887-01-01 - 1910-05-28
MCNEA, THOMAS1847-01-01 - 1910-12-31
SIMMONDS, HERBERT SAMUEL1864-01-01 - 1910-01-11
HOLE, ARTHUR ROBERT1900-01-01 - 1910-08-05
EMPEY, JENNIE E.1895-01-01 - 1910-10-05
WALKER, FRANCIS WILLIAM1876-01-01 - 1910-09-20
WALKER, FRANCES ISABEL1910-10-11 - 1910-10-15
CLARKE, JANE MAURICE GATES1909-08-26 - 1910-06-05
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Contains public sector Datasets made available under the City of Brandon's Open Data Licence


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