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GRAHAM, JAMES1853-09-17 - 1918-11-17
BROWN, JOSEPH HENRY1918-01-01 - 1918-11-17
BELICK, UNNAMED1918-03-29 - 1918-03-30
MCNULTY, CATHERINE1857-02-21 - 1918-01-05
KUSZELA, ALBERT1882-01-01 - 1918-01-23
IWANONKOW, FREDERICK1881-01-01 - 1918-06-06
MCTURK, JANE1900-01-01 - 1918-04-10
CLINKUNBOOMER, ERNEST GRANT1894-01-01 - 1918-08-22
CLINKUNBOOMER, JOSEPH DONALD1860-10-17 - 1918-03-27
MCCULLOCH, NELLIE EVELYN1886-01-01 - 1918-09-22
BILLANTYNE, ANNIE1851-01-01 - 1918-11-24
JAHRIG, JAMES G.1896-01-18 - 1918-10-28
MULDOON, VERA ELIZABETH1895-01-01 - 1918-04-06
MCCORT, JOHN W.1844-01-01 - 1918-04-29
MCDORMAN, WILFRED ROY1914-09-08 - 1918-02-08
PARK, RUSSELL1890-01-01 - 1918-10-06
MORRISON, JAMES1861-01-01 - 1918-09-25
MCKEE, WILLIAM1891-01-01 - 1918-08-06
KERR, ROBERT1859-01-01 - 1918-06-30
STARK, OLIVER1853-11-20 - 1918-04-01
QUINN, JOSEPH1845-01-01 - 1918-06-08
FRANKLIN, ELLEN1858-04-05 - 1918-12-17
WADDELL, JOHN1860-10-29 - 1918-01-03
MCKENZIE, WILLIAM LYON1836-03-10 - 1918-05-08
COLLINS, CHARLES FRANKLIN1885-01-01 - 1918-10-12
BURCHILL, ANNA VICTORIA1899-01-01 - 1918-08-24
GARSIDE, WILLIAM HENRY1848-01-01 - 1918-03-13
REID, ROBERT HENRY1862-01-01 - 1918-05-03
BENNEDT, KATHERINE MARGARET1917-01-01 - 1918-10-01
DANIELS, EDWARD G.1900-01-01 - 1918-07-23
LACEY, UNNAMED1918-05-07 - 1918-05-07
IRVING, UNNAMED1918-11-24 - 1918-11-25
LEECH, EVADNE JOSEPH1900-01-01 - 1918-12-28
LAIDLAW, JAMES1852-01-01 - 1918-10-24
DUGUID, JEAN1880-04-11 - 1918-11-18
COVE, UNNAMED1918-08-14 - 1918-08-14
WINSOR, GEORGE WILLIAM1913-03-04 - 1918-05-28
ESSLEMONT, JOHN1900-01-01 - 1918-11-23
TEDDER, UNNAMED1918-04-07 - 1918-04-07
POWELL, PETER1849-01-01 - 1918-12-08
BEAUBIER, LUCY ELEANOR1894-03-25 - 1918-11-05
BROWN, UNNAMED1918-01-18 - 1918-01-18
MASON, FRANCES1850-01-01 - 1918-07-31
GARGETT, ERNEST LOUIS1879-01-01 - 1918-11-29
FORD, MARGARET PHEDORA1843-10-17 - 1918-03-10
BARR, THOMAS WILSON1906-04-07 - 1918-02-28
PEACOCK, ELLEN1900-01-01 - 1918-01-11
VINES, JACOB1883-03-24 - 1918-04-26
CRAIG, BRUCE1918-01-01 - 1918-07-25
GOUGH, ANNIE1864-01-01 - 1918-03-04
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Contains public sector Datasets made available under the City of Brandon's Open Data Licence


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