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MCCORMICK, MARGARET1874-01-01 - 1919-11-02
BARCLAY, EBENEZER JAMES1849-07-18 - 1919-09-06
BARCLAY, HENRY MILLIDGE "HARRY"1881-04-10 - 1919-03-11
FLAVELLE, KATHLEEN MAY1900-01-01 - 1919-04-02
MOROZ, MIKE (MORRIS)1900-01-01 - 1919-09-06
BLONOROWICZ, ED1919-01-01 - 1919-09-22
RYDER, BERTRAM F.1892-01-01 - 1919-01-22
CLINKUNBROOMER, HAROLD1901-01-01 - 1919-11-20
MCQUEEN, ROBERT HOPE1890-01-01 - 1919-08-21
COULING, WILLIAM1900-01-01 - 1919-10-19
RAMSHAW, AGNES1848-01-01 - 1919-08-12
RAMSHAW, JOHN1848-01-01 - 1919-04-02
STROME, CHARLES MERLE1892-01-01 - 1919-01-05
DONALDSON, JOSEPH1852-01-01 - 1919-01-30
HARRIS, MARGARET JANE SPEERS1871-01-12 - 1919-06-09
BIDWELL, HELEN (MRS)1889-01-01 - 1919-11-28
HETHERINGTON, MARY1833-01-01 - 1919-08-06
MOORE, ANNE S.1838-01-01 - 1919-01-01
SCOTT, BESSIE ELLEN1903-01-01 - 1919-12-15
SCOTT, W. J.1883-01-01 - 1919-03-18
HUGHES, GERALD C.1885-01-01 - 1919-03-30
HENDERSON, EMMA MARIA1856-04-29 - 1919-09-02
BRODIE, BERTHA VICTORIA1899-10-17 - 1919-01-08
BROWNING, A.1900-01-01 - 1919-01-25
BROWNING, J. S.1900-01-01 - 1919-01-25
DARLINGTON, ALICE TURNER1852-09-12 - 1919-08-29
KIDD, THOMAS1863-01-01 - 1919-08-06
NEWBURN, WILLIAM JOHN1904-09-26 - 1919-11-20
SMITH, FRED1900-01-01 - 1919-06-29
SANDERS, KATHERINE1850-01-01 - 1919-06-02
ORCHARD, ANNIE1881-11-03 - 1919-04-21
INGLE, EDITH MARY1919-01-29 - 1919-04-18
DODDS, MARGARET1851-01-01 - 1919-04-30
CHAPMAN, JEMIMA1900-01-01 - 1919-02-16
BROWN, UNNAMED1919-02-24 - 1919-02-24
SMITH, JOHN E.1849-07-12 - 1919-11-24
STEVENS, UNNAMED1919-08-17 - 1919-08-17
FORBES, ROBERT1918-01-01 - 1919-08-05
HAMILTON, MARGARET ELIZABETH1918-01-01 - 1919-09-16
MACHESNEY, MARGARET GRACE1914-01-01 - 1919-09-26
HEBEL, UNNAMED1919-05-07 - 1919-05-07
PORTERFIELD, UNNAMED1919-06-10 - 1919-06-10
ROBERTSON, MARTHA MCCAMMON1900-01-01 - 1919-05-25
MCRAE, IRENE AGNES1911-05-01 - 1919-11-30
KEYNES, GEORGE EDWARD1912-01-01 - 1919-08-27
ANDRICK, FRANK1919-01-01 - 1919-08-16
PATTERSON, UNNAMED1919-12-10 - 1919-12-10
HUGHES, LAWRENCE1919-01-01 - 1919-05-29
JONES, FREDERICK WILLIAM1913-05-18 - 1919-11-13
BREWER, ROSS FERGUSON1900-01-01 - 1919-09-29
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Contains public sector Datasets made available under the City of Brandon's Open Data Licence


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