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FITZPATRICK, JAMES FRANCIS1879-01-01 - 1970-10-22
MURPHY, WILLIAM KEITH1896-01-01 - 1970-01-24
IMLACH, CHRISTINA1907-01-01 - 1970-03-05
CREIGHTON, BARCLAY1882-01-01 - 1970-09-19
COLLINS, MARY JANE SCOTT1886-04-27 - 1970-04-30
FERGUSSON, GERTRUDE ELAINE1920-01-01 - 1970-04-16
WRIGHT, JESSIE ROBERTA1881-01-01 - 1970-12-05
BLIGHT, MARGARET ELSIE1908-01-01 - 1970-07-06
MCKENZIE, HENRY BAYLY1903-01-01 - 1970-05-04
MCDONALD, LILY1883-01-01 - 1970-04-29
BLAKE, FLORENCE LOUISA1887-01-01 - 1970-07-02
NEWBURN, FLORENCE1902-01-01 - 1970-02-13
CLARK, RUSSELL1887-06-18 - 1970-11-05
ANGELL, DOROTHY GWELLIAN1897-01-01 - 1970-06-05
MILLER, ALVIN CHRISTOPHER1890-01-01 - 1970-09-09
KIDD, JAMES ROY1900-01-01 - 1970-10-22
RICE, JENNIE MAE1905-01-01 - 1970-07-01
RICE, JAMES GORDON1902-01-01 - 1970-03-01
LONDRY, FRANK ARCHIBALD1892-01-01 - 1970-02-26
PATTON, FLORENCE ELIZABETH1908-01-01 - 1970-03-01
YOUNG, MARJORIE EMILY1907-01-01 - 1970-02-09
YUEN, FRANK1890-01-01 - 1970-02-20
HAWKINS, SIDNEY1887-01-01 - 1970-04-02
MARSHALL, NELLIE FLORENCE1889-01-01 - 1970-11-02
MUNN, EILEEN ANNIE1900-01-01 - 1970-09-02
PROCTOR, MARGARET MARION1915-01-01 - 1970-01-11
VOY, ALEXANDER1900-01-01 - 1970-04-11
DILWORTH, ALMA ANNA1897-06-25 - 1970-04-02
HENNESSAY, MARY (SISTER) EDANA1883-01-01 - 1970-07-07
ANDREWS, MARY CLARE1909-01-01 - 1970-05-03
WARYNCIA, MARIA1887-01-01 - 1970-11-06
MUTTER, GEORGE1900-01-01 - 1970-11-06
KRISTALOVICH, ANNE1912-10-28 - 1970-03-20
BENNETT, ESTHER D.1885-03-20 - 1970-03-12
BENNETT, GEORGE ERNEST1880-08-05 - 1970-10-06
MCCALLUM, BLANCHE TENNA1900-01-01 - 1970-01-23
DONALDSON, MINNIE ETHEL1900-01-01 - 1970-06-21
SMART, JANE1900-01-01 - 1970-06-25
SAXTON, HELGA1880-01-01 - 1970-03-23
BRUCE, MARY IDA1883-08-13 - 1970-10-30
MILNE, JOHN1900-01-01 - 1970-05-20
LANE, MINERVA1891-11-11 - 1970-12-09
CROSSMAN, MICHAEL1917-11-01 - 1970-07-25
BARTLETT, GEORGE1890-06-04 - 1970-05-17
MENZIES, ROBERT1899-02-06 - 1970-09-30
RAGOTTE, MITCHELL1900-01-01 - 1970-08-11
DICKENS, WILLIAM1907-01-01 - 1970-05-10
EMERY, CHARLES SELBY1907-05-24 - 1970-02-05
YOUNG, JAMES ALEXANDER1912-01-01 - 1970-02-07
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