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MUMMERY, LILLIAN VELMA1901-11-07 - 1994-08-05
DUNN, EVELYN ALBERTA1900-10-27 - 1994-07-07
CREIGHTON, HELEN FREDERICA1907-05-30 - 1994-03-05
RICE, GERTRUDE1903-03-07 - 1994-01-05
THORLEY, ISABELLA ILENE1913-06-11 - 1994-12-13
SHEWFELT, AGATHA LOUISE1900-11-12 - 1994-02-17
SPROSTON, GEORGE BERTRAM HAYWA1919-03-14 - 1994-05-01
NOONAN, RICHARD1911-11-01 - 1994-02-12
THOMPSON, ELSIE1916-11-09 - 1994-11-06
STOPA, MARY JESSIE1900-08-15 - 1994-12-12
SMITH, ANNIE EDYTHE1895-12-29 - 1994-07-23
STRACHAN, AGNES THERSA1901-03-15 - 1994-05-07
TILT, EMPHEMIA "EFFIE" SYME1907-03-12 - 1994-08-24
BUTLER, GEORGE JABEZ1916-05-30 - 1994-12-11
FALCONER, NELL MILLICENT1904-01-01 - 1994-11-13
WATSON, DAVID ARTHUR1922-08-22 - 1994-07-25
LOGAN, CATHERINE ELIZABETH1900-01-01 - 1994-09-16
PATERSON, JEAN SANDERS1902-02-08 - 1994-02-25
ROLLINS, ELIZABETH JOHANNA1922-09-22 - 1994-02-13
BATEMAN, BEATRICE MARY1921-10-14 - 1994-07-22
HILTON, DOLORES PEARL1934-03-03 - 1994-05-12
HAMER, JOHN (JACK) WINSTON1940-09-28 - 1994-09-17
ZINK, MINNIE KATHLEEN1917-06-22 - 1994-12-15
LONG, WINNIFRED GEORGINA1905-03-02 - 1994-06-02
COCKBURN, PATRICIA HAZEL1922-02-14 - 1994-02-09
LARKIN, ROBERT MERLE1924-07-23 - 1994-02-16
NORDLINGER, ERICK STEVENSON1920-03-22 - 1994-01-24
WALSH, JOHN JAMES MCCARTHY1928-08-06 - 1994-06-19
SHOREY, ROBERT JAMES1919-12-29 - 1994-07-03
WINTER, PETER ARTHUR1923-08-04 - 1994-09-29
ARMSTRONG, JAMES DOUGLAS1915-04-16 - 1994-09-12
ATKIN, CHARLES WILLIAM1909-09-11 - 1994-08-29
CUFFE, ELSIE MAXINE1921-03-07 - 1994-04-27
WINGROVE, MARY1917-08-07 - 1994-01-09
JONES, MARGARET KIRK1925-08-13 - 1994-03-12
KRUSHELINSKI, LUCY MARIE LOUISE1920-12-26 - 1994-07-29
THIBODEAU, JOSEPH EUGENE1924-12-16 - 1994-01-11
ROBERTSON, GERALD ALLISON1924-07-10 - 1994-03-18
WILSON, ALAN GREY1910-02-19 - 1994-04-12
LONG, HELEN MARY1918-08-06 - 1994-09-21
CLUETT, HENRY LEWIS1921-06-18 - 1994-11-19
SNELL, BLANCHE ELIZABETH1926-03-31 - 1994-11-01
WARK, MARGARET ELIZABETH1909-09-13 - 1994-03-26
KEYNES, ERNEST JOHN1915-07-06 - 1994-02-24
BAGWELL, JESSIE ADELE MCCALLUM1924-12-27 - 1994-03-07
TOMASHOWSKI, WILLIAM1929-04-05 - 1994-10-20
KORNIAT, KATARZYNA (KATIE)1904-12-29 - 1994-03-24
OERTEL, ALYSHIA DAWN1994-08-03 - 1994-08-03
OUTHWAITE, JENNIFER AMELIA1982-11-11 - 1994-02-06
SNIDER, MATILDA MAY1906-08-28 - 1994-01-03
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Contains public sector Datasets made available under the City of Brandon's Open Data Licence


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