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DOWNING, JEAN CRAWFORD1920-07-10 - 2003-12-17
HOWEY, WILLIAM JOHN DWAYNE1911-09-22 - 2003-11-28
MILES, RUBINA ISABELLA1909-10-10 - 2003-04-22
BLACK, WILLIAM ALEXANDER JOHN1925-03-01 - 2003-03-24
HAGGERTY, JOHN ALBERT1929-08-18 - 2003-02-04
MUNN, ALBERT1925-06-13 - 2003-09-14
CRAIG, EVELYN1921-01-05 - 2003-12-25
HEENEY, FREDERICK JOHN KINGSLE1900-08-15 - 2003-01-19
O'SULLIVAN, EDITH1921-10-14 - 2003-05-02
CROMPTON, LESLEY1923-09-11 - 2003-07-28
DAVIDSON, EUGENE BENVIE1926-10-25 - 2003-11-17
CONLEY, DAVID PETER1924-07-11 - 2003-09-24
SHEPPARD, GEORGE NATHAN1925-04-13 - 2003-02-16
LAFOURNIE, CECIL RALPH EDWARD1923-11-03 - 2003-08-09
LAFOURNIE, MABEL1928-07-10 - 2003-04-06
COOPER, HARRY WHILTON1920-01-30 - 2003-01-15
MINAKER, CALVIN LUTHER1920-12-20 - 2003-01-05
MYER, ISABELLA STEWART1914-10-28 - 2003-10-14
GURBA, ANDREW1924-02-02 - 2003-01-16
HUTCHINS, WILLIAM STANLEY1911-01-10 - 2003-10-10
MANN, EMILY MARY1914-12-28 - 2003-02-04
ALLEN, ESTHER DAVISON1923-03-20 - 2003-03-24
TOMPKIN, RUBY1909-11-18 - 2003-06-15
WILLDEY, MARIE THERESE BLANCHE1906-04-11 - 2003-04-22
PANZYNN, KLAUDIA1925-12-25 - 2003-08-28
ROLLINS, ROBERT GEORGE "BOB"1925-06-19 - 2003-03-03
NOONAN, ETHEL ISABELLE1919-01-23 - 2003-06-21
UDELL, FLORENCE MARY1907-07-25 - 2003-09-20
SCRIBNER, WILLIAM AARON1916-02-17 - 2003-12-04
DENNIS, CATHERINE ELIZABETH1916-11-26 - 2003-12-16
OWEN, CATHARINE1915-05-16 - 2003-09-19
PROKASKI, MARGARET1922-09-03 - 2003-10-20
LANE, ROBERT WILLIAM1920-03-24 - 2003-01-02
YULE, ALEXANDER1917-06-08 - 2003-02-01
MURRAY, DOUGLAS MCINTOSH1920-01-03 - 2003-03-02
TAYLOR, GEORGE WILLIAM STANLEY1907-12-28 - 2003-03-25
MCPHAIL, EARL DOUGLAS1923-10-28 - 2003-01-28
DEMOND, JOHN ALBERT1928-06-02 - 2003-06-25
WHALLEY, RONALD ANSON1926-09-06 - 2003-07-09
GERO, CHARLES EVERETT1934-08-31 - 2003-07-16
KOPNITSKY, RODNEY "RALPH"1932-05-25 - 2003-08-14
RANDALL, WILLIAM FREDERICK1922-07-11 - 2003-11-18
WALLER, PHYLLIS1920-07-22 - 2003-11-28
BOUSFIELD, FRANK1926-10-24 - 2003-12-11
MOORE, RONALD STEWART1911-12-22 - 2003-11-21
MOORE, WINNIFRED EUGENA1910-02-10 - 2003-06-23
MORRIS, ANNIE JANE IRENE1915-02-01 - 2003-05-30
COX, HERBERT W.M.1916-11-19 - 2003-02-19
KITSON, IRMA PEARL1924-07-30 - 2003-03-08
REES, WILLIAM EDWARD1930-04-22 - 2003-06-25
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