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 Mint Green Lil Shabby Chic Antique Sewing machine
For sale very good working and compact lil Antique /Singer sewing machine in Shabby chic dristressed painted cabinetvery small comparied to most Singer sewing machinesand...
 Juki ind. sewing machine
DLN Juki industrial sewing machine. There is no thread cutting, or air foot lift. This is a very nice operating needle feed straight stitch sewing machine.operates on a s...
 Singer Industrial Sewing Machine & Stand
 Sewing machine cabinet
custom built oak sewing machine cabinet with hydraulic lift (sewing machine not included)expands to 75 inches wide if fully expanded or 59 inches wide partial, 29 in...
 Singer Portable Sewing Machine
New portable singer sewing machine with dust cover - used maybe 10 times. ...
 antique treadle sewing machine
Singer sewing machine- good condition working well last time used. Asking $100.00 OBO...
 Sewing Weights
For Sale:  Sewing Weights "new". Set of 4 butterfly shape. Text only...
 sewing machine
Older Brother sewing machine, folds down into cabinet.  Missing bobbin case...
 singer sewing machine
Quantum 9910 Singer sewing machine. Good condition used lightly. Recently serviced. Auto buttonholer. Will deliver within 50 miles of Neepawa....
 Vintage singer sewing machine euc
locking wood top, hand wheel, well maintained vintage sewing wachine. $100 obo. Moving sale....
 Vintage Sewing Machine
Singer sewing machine with treadle...
 Old singer sewing machine
Old singer sewing machine, folds into table, foot operated.  $125.00...
Large Mulit Family Yard Sales
 Large Multi-Family Yard Sales Sat & Sun 8am-4pm (May 26 & 27) 2825 & 2803 McDonald Ave Kitchen & household items, baby items, nurse u...
2825 &; 2803 McDonald Ave
Yard Sale
two familes cleaning house.we got jewelery, books, clothes, and so much more.we have computer parts and printer....oh yeah and lots more.sewing bits, carpentry bits, kitc...
642 34th Street

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