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 Sewing Machine Table
Sewing Machine Table with treadle. Sewing machine not included. $125 OBO Pick up in Hamiota ...
 Portable Brother Sewing Machine
Have a sewing machine in a case for easy moving and setting up anywhere. Would be great for a new inspiring seamstress or starting out in sewing....
 Estate Sale
Online estate sale. Items deleted once picked up. FCFS. All prices are OBO.Available items:-Men's Wedding Band $80-2 pairs of brand new Canada West work boots, size 10 Me...
 Singer Sewing Machine & Table
Treadle style Singer sewing machine on a home ec class type of table. Very heavy.$125 OBO Pick up in Hamiota ...
 Pfaff sewing machine
model2027 Pfaff sewing machine (classic style quilt)comes with IDT foot, manua, pedal and accessories...
 sewing machine case
 oak sewing machine case nice condition ...
 Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 385.16782
Kenmore Sewing Machine model 385.16782 in like new condition.Ideal for quilting comes with a walking foot, 1/4 inch seam foot satin stitch foot and a quilter (the quilter...
 sewing machin stand
white sewing machine stand.will except reasonable offer great base for table or????...
 Sewing machine $125
Morse sewing machine with cabinet....
 Sewing mashine Eaton
Sewing machine Eaton - 1910-1911 year. Good condition. Located in Cartwright, MB....
(Reduced 43%)
 sewing machine
Singer sewing machine has table and foot pedalmoving and can't take with ASKING BEST OFFER PLEASE ONLY CALLS OR TEXT 204 761 7506 will not respond to emails&nbs...
 Girls Sewing Machine
singer sewing machine
have a1974 singer sewing machine model graduate model 714 needs power cord . locating one  it is a beautiful mint condition .  aking 150 obo. ...
 Leather Singer Sewing Machine
FOR SALE:  Leather Singer Sewing Machine; The Singer Company - Made in Great Britain; 29K172.    Used to repair leather harness, gloves, and boots. SE...

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