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 Attachments for Singer Sewing Machine
Hand crank pinking machine with C-clamp. Automatic zigzagger with instructions. Buttonhole attachment with instructions. Sewing odds and ends like bobbins, spools of thre...
 Singer Sewing Machine with Cabinet & Chair
iThis Singer Sewing machine is in working order, and comes complete with the cabinet, chair, and all contents.If you are interested in viewing this, please contact the Se...
 Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Toy
A great battery operated Singer toy sewing machine that works and looks great. Has manual and everything with it.Please email or text if interested thanks....
 Sewing Machine Storage Table
Sewing machine stores inside Chair has seen better days however can be reupholstered ...
Wanted Sewing Machine
Looking for sewing machine for beginners,  easy to use....
 Sewing Machine and cabinet
**Moving Sale**Singer sewing machine folds into cabinet. Storage drawers on either side. Call listed phone number with any questions....
 Antique Singer sewing machine for sale
For sale:  antique Singer sewing machine.Please check out our other ads....
 Antique Sewing Machine
Antique Beaver sewing machine. 200.00...
 Old singer sewing machine
Old singer sewing machine, folds into table, foot operated.  $125.00...
 sewing machine
ask 30...
 Quilt Magazines
35 Quilt / Quilting magazines + 2 Books + 1 Sewing magazineMostly 2011-2015Paid more than $300 for all, they are yours for $50.Pick-up in Rapid City or exchange Fridays @...
Rapid City
 Weights for crafting or sewing
set of 4...
 Antique Kenmore Sewing Machine
In good working condition.$75 OBO Pick up in Hamiota only....
 Upcycled Table
Unique hall/side/console table created from an antique Raymond sewing machine iron base and an distressed antique white wooden top. Add a chair(s) and create a one of a k...

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