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Friday, March 10 (View map of this day's events)
50 Years of Film

March 10 - 12. A full weekend of movies celebrating 50 years of the Brandon Film Festival! Passes available at our Box Office every weekend up to the event. Full weekend pass $40 -3 Movie Pass $15 or $6 at the door. A sample of our weekend lineup - ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD (Cdn doc), HIGH NOON (Classic western), local film-makers showcase, MARCH OF THE PENGUINS (only $1-the same price as our tickets in 1967), GONE WITH THE WIND, THE GRAND SEDUCTION, THE RED VIOLIN, foriegn films, and ending with Charlie Chaplin's classic silent film THE GOLD RUSH..complete with LIVE piano accompaniment! And more! Championing independent, Canadian, documentary, local, and foriegn films since 1967!

Find us at OR on Facebook or Twitter - Evans Theatre.

5:00 pm, Evans Theatre, BU Campus

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