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Sunday, October 1 (View map of this day's events)
Grim Acres Be A Superhero in The Fight Against Cancer World Record Attempt Event

On Oct 1, 2017, Westman residents will be attempting to break the current world record of 1580 people dressed as Superheroes in one area, from 1 - 4pm in the Manitoba Room of the Keystone Center. Entertainment and music will be provided. Everyone is invited to attend. Attendees MUST be dressed in appropriate costumes within the following Guiness criteria:

Rules are:

-Superheroes MUST be recognized, from books,comics, movies, or television. Costumes depicting villains or home made characters will not be allowed in as they are in violation of the criteria.

-Costumes MUST be recognizable, head to toe costumes.

-Costumes  MUST BE PRE APPROVED by Guiness BEFORE the event. The full list of approved Characters will be released to the public after February on the Grim Acres Facebook page

Facebook Event page

 and webpage (

-ANY costume not approved will NOT be allowed in during the event.  This is NON NEGOTIABLE. 

For information,please contact Brian at  To volunteer for the event staff, please call Brian at 204 720 0754

1 -4 pm, Manitoba Room-Keystone Center , Manitoba Room-Keystone Center

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