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Friday, November 16 (View map of this day's events)
Christmas Season in Souris



Souris Red Card Campaign
Starts Nov. 16

Shop at participating Souris-Glenwood Chamber businesses to get a stamp.
4 different stamps to fill the card. Card goes into the draw bucket...

4 draws: Nov 28 - $100, Dec 5 - $150, Dec 12 - $250, Dec 19 - $500 Souris Bucks

Participating businesses: Canada Post, Chicken Chef, Idea-anna’s Designs, LT’s Corner Store, Meighen Haddad LLP,  Minary’s Bakery, Home Hardware, Plaza Petals, RBC, Sadler’s Greenhouse, Souris Plaindealer, Western Financial, Mindful Mouse, Sunflower Teahouse, The Souris Hotel, Westoba Credit Union, Whitfield Drugs, Bigway Foods, Timeless Treasures, Town Tire & Auto/Integra Tire, Whistling Donkey, Woodfire Deli, Legasse’s Studio, Pembina Co-op

Just 35 min SW of Brandon!


Open Late Thursdays
Starts Nov. 22

Participating Souris-Glenwood Businesses:
Chicken Chef-‘til 9pm
Idea-nna’s Designs-6-8pm
LT’s Corner Store- ‘til 9pm
Mindful Mouse-‘til 8pm
Sadler’s Creekside Greenhouse-‘til 8pm
Sunflower Tea House-‘til 8pm
Canada Post -‘til 7pm
Pembina Co-op -‘til 8pm
Plaza Petals -‘til 8pm
Legion – BINGO!-7:30-10pm
Home Hardware-‘til 8pm
Bigway Foods-‘til 8pm
Timeless Treasures -‘til 8pm
Whistling Donkey -‘till 11pm
Woodfire Deli -‘til 9pm


Souris, MB

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