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Saturday, November 24 (View map of this day's events)
Craft Sale - Hartney

MARK YOUR CALENDAR - 2018 Vendor List

Kelly Morrison - Tupperware
Anglican Church Women - Church Mice
Bernadette McPherson - Quilts, Knitting
Darcia Wright - Magnolia & Vine, Jewelry 
Karen Pettinger - Homemade Soaps, Cards - Personalized items
Tammie Criddle - Avon
Sylvia Aeichele - Essential Oils
Sandra Coleman - Just mitts
Coral Millar - Partylite
Kristen Kirkup - Tooth whitening toothpaste
Oh Shiny Things - Jewelry
Val White - Baking & Crafts
Prairie Mommas - Soaps, Crochet, Handpainted Glass
Valentus - Speciality Coffee
Anna Waldner - Doll Clothes, Baby Clothes
Candy Henderson - Thiry One bags, Crafts
Afton Westood - Crafts
Karen Nickel - Bath & Beauty Products, Scentsy
Pearl Cairns - 5th Avenue Jewelry
Hartney 4-H - Baking
Claris Isabey - Crafts & Xmas Puddings
Amanda Stuart - Honey
Kelsey Barkley - Tiber River
Breanne coffrey - Young living , Diffuser Bracelets
Diane McGowan 
Moe Gray - Woodcraft Moe's Bowls
Grads of 2019 - Raffle Table
Stacie Poirier - Mary Kay
Mary Gervais - Canning
Marshall Teetaert - Craft and Baking
Hart Cam Museum - Baking Fundraiser

Join us for Lunch
Chili & A Bun or Sandwich


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10:00-3:00, Hartney, Centennial Centre

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