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Thursday, September 7
Fair Trade Chocolate Treasure Hunt

Brandon’s chocolate-eating youth have an opportunity to share in the benefits of fair trade chocolate by participating in a Chocolate Treasure Hunt event. Students who save fair trade chocolate bar wrappers over the summer can bring them to the booth at the upcoming Brandon & Area Car Enthusiasts car show, show us the FAIRTRADE Mark on the wrapper and point to the store location on the map where they bought the chocolate in Brandon. Each of the first 200 wrappers can be exchanged for a certificate worth 50 cents off the purchase of a fair trade chocolate bar at Ten Thousand Villages Brandon on Rosser Avenue. The name of each student’s school or campus will be noted for a future event. Hint: A list of stores selling fair trade chocolate bars in Brandon can be found at the Marquis Project website at coffee and tea will also be available for purchase. 


The Brandon Fair Trade Committee, a Marquis Project initiative formed in 2013, is helping Fairtrade Canada celebrate 20 years of awareness of fair trade products in the Canadian marketplace. 



4 to 8 pm, Global Market, Global Market

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