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Advertise a home sale on eBrandon for just $99!

No matter how you're selling your home, advertising it in the eBrandon classifieds is an ideal way to showcase it to potential buyers in Brandon and Westman. The benefits you'll see from advertising include:

- Exposure in Westman's largest classified ad marketplace (over 8,000 ads and 40,000 UNIQUE visitors monthly). Home For Sale Ads are consistantly the most popular, with an average ad being viewed over 1,000 times!
- The ability to give an in depth description up to 65,000 letters (approx 10,000 words) long!
- Listing for 365 days, or until it sells
- Accessibility through eBrandon's homes search feature
- The ability to add up to ten photos to showcase your home
- Listing on the eBrandon Homes for Sale map
- Inclusion in the built-in alert system. A message is automatically subscribed to subscribed buyers looking for a house in your price range
- Usage of an 12x24" plastic eBrandon "Home For Sale" sign (for use on lawn or in window), on request. Because of eBrandon's recognizability in the community, those passing by your house will instantly know that more details on your sale can be found on eBrandon
- Automatic linking from your listing to City of Brandon tax assessment information (for valid Brandon street addresses)
- All homes listed are automatically posted on eBrandon's "BrandonHomes" Twitter feed.

Placing Your Ad

To submit your ad, please visit eBrandon's create ad page. Once there, fill out all necessary particulars including your name (as it will be displayed to the public), e-mail address and phone number along with particulars specific to your home.

You will have the ability to initially add four photos when submitting. After submission, you can login to add up to six additional photos for a total of ten.

After filling out all necessary details and clicking on the submit button, you will be taken to a payment page provided by Paypal where you will be required to pay the $99 cost of the ad. This may be done by credit card or using a Paypal account (Note that a Paypal account is not required). If you are uncomfortable paying by this method, please contact us to discuss alternate forms of payment.

Once payment has been received, your ad will be instantly showing to all prospective buyers.

For a full step-by-step video tutorial on placing an ad in the classifieds, please click here.

If you have any questions about this process or the benefits of advertising on eBrandon, don't hesitate to contact us.