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Topic: Releasing Balloons into the air
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7/7/2018 11:40:13 PM
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Oct 2016
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Releasing Balloons into the air

Does anyone know if i need some sort of permission to release helium balloons into the “sky” . Its for a performance


7/8/2018 12:32:05 AM
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Jul 2009
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I don't know if you need permission but it seems a little irresponsible to do so, knowing how badly it effects environment and wildlife.


7/8/2018 6:04:28 AM
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Apr 2017
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Agreed ...Think first!

People need to think about things a little more and ask themselves what their impact is on the world around them before they do things. Why release balloons to become garbage somewhere or be dangerous for wildlife if they eat it! Not many people will appreciate a performance that doesn’t consider those things.


7/8/2018 7:06:02 AM
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Oct 2017
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You don’t need permission .


7/8/2018 7:39:01 AM
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Jul 2006
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Balloon releases were popular years ago but fell out of favour because of negative environmental impact.


7/8/2018 8:04:42 AM
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Apr 2010
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mikesims said "You don’t need permission . "

You should check with your town or RM office first to get permission.


7/8/2018 9:52:35 AM
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Dec 2010
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Depending on size of balloon you need permission. You also need to submit a flight plan  
In accordance with CAR 602.42 any launch of a balloon with a gas bag capacity greater than 115 cubic feet (in total if multiple balloons) requires an authorization from the Minister. The procedure is to submit your proposal and request for authorization to the TC regional office through the mailbox. This is reviewed by an airspace specialist and then forwarded to Ottawa for their authorization.  
If the balloons you are planning to use are less than 115 cubic feet bag capacity then things are less onerous but you will still need to coordinate the launch with Nav Canada through one of their Flight Information Centers and give them some basic information, e.g. launch location and time, colour of balloon and payload, rate of ascent, burst height, colour of parachute, duration and direction of flight, etc.. This will enable them to have a NOTAM issued to hopefully minimize any conflict with aircraft in your area.


7/8/2018 10:21:53 AM
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Sep 2009
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Depending on the performance/ occasion, there are many alternatives to releasing balloons that are more environmentally friendly:


7/8/2018 1:28:51 PM
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Feb 2014
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Lots of places do this I know when I was younger the brandon sun I think did this when I hap a paper route and I've seen a few others do it and I'm talking like hundreds if not thousands. But I also agree with everyone else and the animals which goes up must come down.


7/8/2018 6:27:52 PM
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Sep 2016
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In nearly the 50 years that ive been alive have i never seen or heard where a balloon has effected wildlife or the environment.And before your so eager to prove me wrong, 1 or 2 incidents in the world doesn't cut it. I see more tim hortons garbage then balloons. Maybe ban Timmies.  
I say let them fly.


7/8/2018 7:10:30 PM
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Apr 2008
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Balloons pose a risk to wildlife &; the environment


7/8/2018 7:17:09 PM
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Apr 2007
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I think it's

incredibly irresponsible, disgusting and in very poor taste to do so.


7/8/2018 7:29:41 PM
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Apr 2014
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The op was just asking if needed a permit. Didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion on if it’s dangerous to the world. What about people that throw bottles into the oceans with messages that should be discouraged too ??!! DO IT and have fun doing it !!!


7/8/2018 7:58:08 PM
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Sep 2016
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from the article

CarolynJ said " "

Scientists who work with stranded whales, dolphins, seals and sea turtles have found balloons, parts of balloons and balloon string in the stomachs of many of these dead animals.  
Watch out for those Brandon dolphins swimming around.  
We arent near the sea


7/8/2018 9:29:11 PM
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Mar 2012
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eye roll.

what an ignorant thing to say/way to think. it doesn’t matter that we’re not near a sea. any and all litter impacts the environment - if you need proof of that give google a whirl. it’s irresponsible to litter for the sake of putting on a show. I AM on board with banning ‘Timmies’ though...


7/8/2018 10:47:04 PM
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Feb 2009
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Maybe forewords should be ban too. All that smoke has got to affect the environment. It’s pretty bad when people can’t have a little enjoyment.


7/8/2018 10:52:02 PM
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Feb 2009
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Should have checked my spelling


7/9/2018 3:06:18 PM
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Jul 2012
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is there any

differance between letting balloons loose to float where ever and dumping you cars ashtray at an intersection ( see a previous thread) it is still littering and polluting.  
you dont need to ban balloons or paper/foam cups just don't discard in an inappropriate manner. it is simple.  
the concept is easy and I dont get why people dont get it.  
you boaght it, you used it, you dispose of it in an appropriate manner.  
dropping litter any place, releasing Helium balloons into the air to become litter someplace, not picking up your dog droppings, it is all the same. You are using the world as your private garbage dump/toilet and it is wrong.  
if your 20 and have not figured that out yet, you will  
if your 30 and still have not, you likley just dont care  
if your 40 and still doing it, shame on you.  
interesting that the only people that my post will tick off are those that are doing it.

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