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Topic: DisneyWorld restaurants
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7/10/2018 2:29:51 PM
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Jan 2012
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DisneyWorld restaurants

I have noticed that things have changed since we were last there in 2008 specifically with all the restaurants at the theme parks. You now have to book 180 days in advance if you want to eat at a table service restaurant (Date & Time)....well I tried booking the one's we wanted 180 in advance and do you think I could get anything for lunch or dinner on the days we were going to be there...nope not chance and the reason for that is anyone staying at the resorts inside DisneyWorld gets preference before the 180 days advance notice...with that said I'm very angry that DisneyWorld is playing favouratism. I think Walt Disney himself would be very heartbroken to know that profits come before seeing children happy. When we went in 2008 we were always able to get in to a table serving restaurant at any time of the day! Has anyone been there just recently...I would like to know if any of the fast food counter service restaurants take a credit card or do you have to pay cash?


7/10/2018 4:42:50 PM
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Oct 2016
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Lots of options

So yes, dining at Disney has become rather technical so to speak. The first thing I would say is don't get discouraged. I assume you are going at Christmas time which is typically THE busiest time of the year. However, I'm happy to tell you that my family was there this past Christmas and managed to get some great reservations, even though we weren't staying on property. The bad news side of that though is that it takes patience and persistence. Keep trying. Try different times, different days and even different amount of people. I have 4 in my family, made several reservations for 2, then when we got to the restaurant we were all seated together, much easier to get a reservation for 2 than 4. And, if you can't get the right amount, simply cancel before you go, or at least 24 hrs in advance. Persistence pays off!!  
Since 2008, the crowds have gotten bigger, I guarantee that. With Disney adding the likes of Avatar land, Toy Story Land and soon Star Wars Land, the crowds are getting bigger and bigger, however, your favourite restaurants are not.  
As for the quick service ones, yes credit card is probably the preferred way to go. The one trick that we started to use was with some restaurants you can order online, then go to the pick up window instead of waiting in the long line to order and pick up. You'll need a credit card and the Disney App for that but once you've done once, it's very easy and saves a TON of time!! Not only on pick up, if you are on one side of the park, place your order, and chances are, by the time you get the restaurant, your order will be ready!  
The biggest thing we used to our advantage was the Disney App. From booking Fast Passes, meals and checking ride times it helps a lot.  
We've been to DW several times and consider myself an experienced DW traveller, if you need anymore info, feel free to send me a PM!! Have a great trip!


7/10/2018 5:31:21 PM
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Jan 2012
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thanks VegasKing

for the info....we are going for 12 days end of November to Dec. 8th. I did download the Disney App and reserved a few restaurants...we are a family of 8 so it was difficult to reserve plus there are specific dates for ea. theme park that we want to go to bc I had made the princess makeovers for 2 of my grandkids that I couldn’t get at Magic Kingdom but managed to get at the Disney Springs so needless to say we had to work around that specific day to book our restaurants at the parks.


7/10/2018 5:48:25 PM
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Aug 2013
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Restaurant reservations

When I went to Disney in 2013 I really wanted to eat at Beauty and the Beasts castle, but reservations were slim, even booking 180 days in advance didnt work, and that was for two. However, when we actually went to Disney we walked up to the restaurant and managed to get a table a little later in the evening because people cancelled or no-showed. Dont give up because you cant get a reservation.

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