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Topic: Extra 100GB free from Netset?
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9/8/2018 12:55:33 PM
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Sep 2014
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Extra 100GB free from Netset?

According to these facebook posts (must be logged into facebook to view)  
It sounds like if you go down to Winkler Co-op and get a membership, you can call in to Netset, tell them your membership number and get 100 extra GB added to your account.  
Can anyone confirm this? Would like to know if this is worth a trip to Winkler


9/8/2018 12:58:32 PM
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Sep 2014
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embed links

Sorry, these auto-embeded links are messing up the actual urls that take you to the specific comments


9/8/2018 1:03:49 PM
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Sep 2014
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Anyone know how to post links without them becoming e:mbedded content?  
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9/8/2018 1:34:06 PM
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Mar 2010
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copy the link alone..


9/8/2018 2:24:15 PM
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Sep 2014
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Gmaj7 said "copy the link alone.. "

That's not the link I was trying to share, but you've given me an idea!


9/8/2018 2:29:31 PM
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Sep 2014
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the actual links

Ok, these links will take you to facebook and are what I was trying to share above


9/8/2018 3:35:24 PM
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Mar 2016
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I do not see any reference to the co-op and an extra 100 GB?


9/8/2018 4:12:46 PM
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May 2018
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possible misunderstanding?

Just spitballing here but I just signed up for net set and they were running a promotion where new customers got like 20% off and 100 free gb's for the first year. Maybe that's what it was?


9/8/2018 4:25:19 PM
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Sep 2014
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JessieJay, Newguy562

Check the comments in the links below (hopefully the links will send facebook to the comments I am talking about for you)  
"do coop members still get 100gigs free every month?"  
Netset "they sure do"  
Netset "Winkler Coop is one of our Authorized Dealers and only their members are eligible."  
"If we were to get a Winkler CO-OP membership, could we link it to our account??"  
Netset "Yes we just need you to provide the membership number."  
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9/8/2018 6:51:54 PM
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Mar 2008
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Who would like to carpool to winkler to get a membership? Haha


9/8/2018 9:21:25 PM
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Oct 2014
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yes it is true

I have relatives that get the bonus 100GB for having the co-op memebership


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