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Topic: using cell phone in paris
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2/6/2017 9:27:01 AM
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Jul 2012
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using cell phone in paris

I am going to paris in april for 10 days. I have rogers pay-as-you-go service. what suggestions for a cell phone while in paris. I am a very light user but would like to be able to have a cell phone for emergency or contact home in Brandon. any suggestions from someone who has been in paris?


2/6/2017 10:29:47 AM
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Apr 2012
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what's app

Download What's App. If you have wifi, you can make "calls" and send messages without using minutes. You'll have to have wifi to use it though.  
What type of cell phone do you have?


2/6/2017 10:41:51 AM
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May 2008
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Mont St Michel

Make sure to take the bus trip down to Normandy to see Mont St. Michel. So worth it....highlight of our trip to Denmark/England/Paris.


2/6/2017 11:04:49 AM
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Jun 2012
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While I do not have Rogers pay as you go, I can tell you what I did when I was in Europe last year (5 days of which were spent in Paris). I have a smart phone and so anywhere there was wifi I connected there and used Facebook messenger, or FaceTime to message or call who I needed too. I also got the international texting plan from MTS which allowed me to send text messages if I needed too and didn't have access to wifi. I didn't need to contact people often, but every time I was in a new city I would FaceTime my mom so she 1)knew I was still alive & well and 2) she could see where I was staying to eliminate some of her anxiety. If your phone has ability to connect to wifi you shouldn't need an international data plan. Very easy to find wifi! (McDonald's, Starbucks, etc all have free wifi). If I can be of anymore assistance, or suggest some things you may want to do in Paris, please feel free to send me a DM! Have fun!


2/6/2017 11:27:20 AM
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Jul 2012
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cell phone in paris

thanks for the info so far..I have a smart phone...I will also be in Amsterdam for 4 days...


2/6/2017 11:49:01 AM
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Jun 2012
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With the smart phone you would be able make calls over wifi if need be, using a program like Skype. If you plan on seeing Anne Franks house, make sure you get your tickets online before hand or you won't be able to get in!

Fishin Guy

2/6/2017 12:11:03 PM
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Dec 2005
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Have you called Rogers and asked what they have? Sound like the have a roam like home plan for $10 per day but that is for monthly users. They may have something similar for pay as you go. Try them first would be my go to.


2/6/2017 12:57:59 PM
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Feb 2009
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Call them

Fishin Guy said "Have you called Rogers and asked what they have? Sound like the have a roam like home plan for $10 per day but that is for monthly users. They may have something similar for pay as you go. Try them first would be my go to. "

It is your best bet.  
I have no experience with pay as you go, but We have an excellent program with Telus that has rates that you pay per day ONLY if you use it.  
For instance, if we travel to the US, all incoming texts are free, but if you respond you would get charged $7. You then have the next 24 hours at that rate. For Europe I believe it was $10/day. So what we did when hubby went to Germany was use as much free wifi email as possible and if I needed to speak to him we'd do it all in one day, and he'd send texts at that time too. I believe it was only one $10 charge in the six days that way.  
Rogers might have something similar, but again, no idea if they would allow something like that if you are not on contract.


2/6/2017 4:26:12 PM
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Nov 2007
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If your phone is unlocked, get a prepaid SIM card while you are in France, they're fairly cheap and the plans are cheaper than what Rogers offers here in Canada


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