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Topic: house insurance rates
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8/14/2018 11:07:20 AM
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Jan 2011
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house insurance rates

So I just got my renewal for our hone insurance policy and I was gobsmacked to see it has gone up almost 900 bucks for the year in spite of no claims or changes to our property. I called to find out WTH and was told they were due to inflation! Anybody else have rates that went up crazily this year?? I’m not sure if it’s worth looking around for other? Are most companies putting up rates?? We do have a bigger home and replacement value is high but 900 bucks is a pretty big jump for us!


8/14/2018 11:30:03 AM
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Aug 2008
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tell your broker to check around for other companies for rates. My broker automatically upon renewal if she finds that the rates are unacceptable (meaning went up quite a bit) will look at other insurance companies.

Just an opinion

8/14/2018 12:51:01 PM
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Sep 2008
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Increase is way high

Shop around take your policy to another insurance place.  
Ours went up 400 last year - sorry they lost our business. Got the same coverage for less - it is worth the shop around.  
Also check your policy see where they put the increases.  
We've always had claims free, non smokers, etc and the new company told us it was not on our policy when they went over it. Not sure why it was taken off but we missed it


8/14/2018 3:08:06 PM
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Jun 2012
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shop around

Ours went up almost $300 one year, we went in and reviewed our policy and potential companies. Lots of errors on our initial submission (square footage was off, wrong upgrades to our house, etc). The scary part is that we went over everything when we bought our house so I’m not sure how or why the policy was so incorrect (yes it was our fault for not checking it for two years). But if something were to have happened we wouldn’t have gotten the right house rebuilt! Always always always double check your insurance and shop around.


8/14/2018 8:39:27 PM
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Jul 2012
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house insurance

I was with the same company for 5 years, and they just kept uping the price,(no claims) so I checked around and found dick agency gave a better price with better coverage. be sure to look around...I think insurance companies just think you will stay with them...after I got coverage with another company, then they called me...too late.....


8/14/2018 9:47:34 PM
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Jul 2006
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Dycks Agency

We use Dycks Agency. They are a broker and deal with different company’s. over the years they have switched us a few times. With Wawanesa now.


8/15/2018 8:45:39 AM
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Aug 2009
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We found that SGI has good rates for insurance.  
The brokers can price it out for you.


8/15/2018 9:31:23 AM
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Aug 2008
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Agreed! I'm on my second year of home insurance with this company, and they have beaten all insurance companies every year.  
I used to have intact insurance, was cheap for one year and on renewal it was a heck of a lot more. So I switch companies.


8/15/2018 10:46:59 AM
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Jan 2011
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I’m wondering for you folks

That went with a cheaper coverage... have you had to make a claim??? It’s one thing to be cheaper but I’m wondering about the ease of which when it was time to file a claim?? Upon further comparison from last year they have increased the value of my house with a “guaranteed replacement value” and lowered my deductible. I’m a bit annoyed that these changes went discussed with me prior to sending me my renew in the mail. They only increase the value of my home by 9% but increased the yearly premium 30%. My insurance guy is away until the 27th so I’m hoping someone else in his office can help me before than. I’m trying to give them the opportunity to justify this increase however I’m pretty pissed.


8/15/2018 11:27:02 PM
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Mar 2010
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your inbox.


8/16/2018 10:15:43 AM
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May 2010
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Johnbisonbear said "your inbox. "

Have you checked yours?


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