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Topic: Witnesses please! 6th &; Victoria avenue Sunday Oct 7 2:50 pm


10/10/2018 11:27:50 AM
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Apr 2012
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Witnesses please! 6th &; Victoria avenue Sunday Oct 7 2:50 pm

I have just received the news from MPI that Mrs. S, the seemingly nice lady who hit our car on Sunday is now saying she is not at fault. Im looking for any witnesses that can help out. The accident occurred approximately 2:50 pm on Sunday October 7th: both cars were heading East bound on Victoria avenue right after the 6th street intersection. Any help greatly appreciated.  
Mrs S, if you are reading this, please tell the truth. You were so apologetic, we used the crappy situation to teach our young children that accidents happen and that things are replaceable: that we are all just lucky the people inside are safe.  
Not only have we had to cough up $600 to replace our car seats, but now they are saying we have to pay our deductible before we can get our car fixed. It is our only mode of transportation. And yes, we will get our $600 back from MPI in 4-6 weeks but to a young family, it is quite the hardship.  
Anyone who may have information please private message me or email me at .  
Thank you Brandon!

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10/10/2018 4:17:31 PM
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Jul 2014
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not at fault?

The nice thing about this is the police always interview everybody and if somebody is not telling the truth they are very good at picking that out!!!  
Good luck!!!


10/10/2018 9:02:41 PM
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Jun 2011
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Not quite

jettafletcher said "The nice thing about this is the police always interview everybody and if somebody is not telling the truth they are very good at picking that out!!!  
Good luck!!! "

Police do not get involved with every claim anymore. Mpi still interviews everybody though.

10/10/2018 10:39:19 PM
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May 2014
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mrs S ?

You should write full name (mrs S)


10/10/2018 11:05:27 PM
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Apr 2006
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police don’t

But MPI will


10/11/2018 3:48:28 AM
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Nov 2010
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Can’t stress enough

Take pictures of everything about the accident. Including damage on both vehicles. Skid marks. Hopefully pictures of where the cars ended up.  
Even cars around as they could be potential witnesses.  
Take picture of their driver licence ( I learnt this one) so no mistake on trying to write it down.  
If any witnesses always get bane and contact information  
People are nice at the time then quickly regret it when they get home.  
If possible record any conversation that is said. Very easy to do nowadays.  
Write your actions etc taken right after. Have anyone in the car do it as well. Takes more weight if written down right away.  
If any chance you are hurt and I mean any chance. Go to ER and get checked out this will give a backing to any injury claim later as it doesn’t necessarily show up right away.  
Phone autopac right away. Don’t wait to do from home. This can indicate truthfulness. Tell the MPI agent everything including what person said. Not only about accident  
One person hit our car and we told them that she said was in a hurray as she was in town for a wedding. She didn’t know Brandon and lived a distance away. All important information that can be used by MPI to determine truth. As how would we know all that stuff.  
Again pictures are so important and so easy nowadays.  
Sorry about your situation. It is hard having unexpected expenses when you have a young family.


10/11/2018 12:31:56 PM
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Jan 2011
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Same story

This exact same situation happened to my sister in Regina and unfortunately she couldn't do anything about it. Her job required driving in the city so she invested in a dash cam so if it ever happened again if would be on video. Good luck!


10/11/2018 3:47:43 PM
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Dec 2013
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Dash cams

Should become part of the MpI rate reduction plan just like imobalizers


10/11/2018 9:41:41 PM
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Nov 2012
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I had this happen

A person claimed that I backed into him at a parking lot. We both examined both of our cars and neither had a scratch. Then a week later I received a call from MPI stating he filed a claim against me. When I looked at his picture, his front end was all dented up and his grill was destroyed. MPI investigated it and found no fault in my part after looking at my vehicle. It’s nice when they sift through the lies to discover the truth!


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