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Topic: Derelict tennis courts on Lorne (14th &; 15th)
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4/20/2014 1:44:05 PM
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Jul 2009
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Derelict tennis courts on Lorne (14th &; 15th)

There are 2 paved tennis courts there that have been bought and paid for, long ago, but have had no painted lines since 2012. The city knows there are no lines, and further to that, they know we can't play the game without lines. Many people used to enjoy those courts prior to last year. I played there with many friends in the '60's and '70's. I played there with my kids and their friends in the '80's and '90's. I played with friends, and my kids there until 2012. Now I want to play there with my grandkids, but can't! So do many other grandparents, parents and kids of all ages. And why not? We're talking a can of paint here, and one (1) city employee for a few hours!! How can something as simple and cheap as a can of paint, force kids to leave central Brandon to enjoy this sport? They don't have cars to do so. Some don't even have bikes! Yet we encourage them to put down the electronic games and to go outside and exercise like we did. Well, priorities are different now, I guess. Granted, this is only one less thing you can do outside in central Brandon, but why lose even one option kids used to have, over just a few dollars in paint and labour?  
Isn't there some group that wants people to come to our core area for activities? There was the BIA, back in the 1980's: an acronym for Business Improvement! They planted trees, put bricks and benches in the streets where parking once was, steel obstacles for the blind....I mean ornaments (or whatever they're supposed to be), and so on! Could they waste taxpayers money!!!!! Well, somewhere along the way, there was a name change, or something.  
Anyway, now we are blessed with Renaissance Brandon. Here's how their site reads: "Renaissance Brandon’s Vision for the Downtown HUB is to develop a destination neighborhood: a Place for  
A "vision" eh!!! I think somebody had a vision long before these cliques, when they put a park with tennis courts downtown to attract people toward the core, not away from it!! I'd wager five bucks that a can of paint costs less than one of those steel 'works of art' in the sidewalk near the Strand, or near the dirt where the old Real Estate Board office was destroyed (and moved AWAY from the core????) A vision eh....LOL! I'd bet a further five bucks that the majority of adults and children of Brandon would much rather enjoy some exercise and fellowship, over whatever it is they are up to (I said majority, not a tiny minority!!). I know that if one is impassioned about spending $$$$$$$$$ in the 9th or 10th street area around Princess for a few 'interested parties', you could probably get some help from deep within city hall or the provincial government.  
My question is, "Who do the kids (our future parents and grandparents of Brandon) see for a lousy can of paint and a line painter"?  
Maybe it's too late already! Could it be that some developer now has a vision for the tennis courts land? It really is a nice parcel of land after all! Maybe not. I'm just wondering out loud. Wondering why! Brandon city hall would never allow any developer to rip anything down that is historic or useful!! It would make no sense.  
But wait! Is it useful anymore? Nobody has used it since 2012 anyway! It now meets the 'useless' criteria, doesn't it! If not now, next year for sure!!  
My question to the city Parks and Recreation Department, or the mayor herself is: are you going to do it in the next couple of weeks (it's tennis time), and if not, will you say so in this forum and permit a couple of old volunteers to supply the paint and do it for you?  
And please don't leave it all year like you did in 2013: it's beautiful outside now!  
What do you say?  


4/20/2014 2:03:46 PM
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May 2009
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Tennis Courts

Brandon is lucky to have you.


4/20/2014 2:13:39 PM
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Aug 2012
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Let's go paint them!


4/20/2014 2:17:28 PM
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Jul 2005
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Is the city aware that the courts need paint? Maybe you can make a project of it with your grandkids to paint it yourself. That might feel rewarding for them to fix up the court then play on it.

don brown

4/20/2014 3:15:00 PM
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Aug 2010
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Just me

This is the sort of thing that I would likely get in trouble over, I would get if contact with the city and find out what the plans were for the courts, and if they were to remain I would ask if I could paint the lines on them. I know that we all pay taxes and want things from our different levels of government but sometimes I don't have a problem doing things that may benefit me, even if it does cost me a few bucks.


4/20/2014 3:47:32 PM
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Feb 2013
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I know there's a lawnbowling club in Brandon...

Is there not some organization or service club like the Kinsmen who might take on painting the lines.  
Surely there are many other infrastructure issues the City should spend taxpayer money on-rather than just to help out the ones who play a recreational game like tennis (or golf for that matter). Just my own oppinion, I've been told I'm wrong before.


4/20/2014 10:37:51 PM
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Nov 2005
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Maybe you could talk to the city and find out what their plans are for those courts. If they are in line for repainting this spring that would be good for all concerned.  
If not, maybe you could, with the city's blessing, take the matter into your own hands and put a work group together and redo the court lines yourselves. The city might even spring for the paint. A lot of citizens pitch in this time of year and help with a spring clean up of our city, a job like this is an even better way for people to come together and make our city a better place.


4/20/2014 11:05:15 PM
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Feb 2014
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You need to run for council! Stuff would get done!


4/20/2014 11:10:33 PM
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Jul 2012
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talk to them!

I know a group in our neighborhood got together, asked the city for paint. A group volunteered their time and painted the run down old play equipment in the local park. So I'm sure if you were to approach the city they would be happy to provide you with the paint. Would be a great project to have your grandkids take pride in their community as well.


4/21/2014 6:43:36 AM
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Sep 2012
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City project that has been left to run its course. Just like many other projects in this city that are built and not maintained. The rec center, the tennis courts, the sportsplex etc. But throw up some beautiful flowers around town and all is well.

don brown

4/21/2014 8:05:53 AM
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Aug 2010
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Bigger problem

Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way, but I see this as just a little part of a bigger problem. Everyone has there idea what the city should provide so that people continue to move in and also what is needed to get people to stay. This likely has been going on forever but it sort of reaches a state where financing all these wants becomes impossible, so one by one things get neglected but monies continue to get spent on new ideas, it seems that governments at all levels have forgotten about being practical, and this can be seen by looking at the basic infrastructure of just about any town or city.  
When I look at how governments waste money, I just can't help thinking about digging a hole in the ground, the harder you work(spend) the deeper you get(debt), now digging a hole isn't a bad idea if your looking for water(something that is needed), but for most other things it is a complete waste of time(money).


4/21/2014 11:34:05 AM
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Mar 2009
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This conversation

is reminding me of one on ebrandon not too long ago about cleaning the catch basins in front of houses. Someone complained that the city hadn't come unplugged theirs, and a few people suggested that the homeowner just go clean the debris themselves.  
The horror! The outrage! How dare someone take initiative! We pay taxes, after all!  
This tennis court thing is a perfect example of how community residents can improve their neighbourhoods. Ask for the paint and do it yourself. It's your neighbourhood, you want to use it, so do it.  
Should the city do it? Probably. Do we pay taxes? Yes. Does the city waste money? Absolutely. But does that mean we're incapable of helping ourselves? I certainly hope not!  
People come on ebrandon time and time again and complain about what the city isn't. So let's put our money where our mouths are, and make the city what we want it to be! The communities that get things done - places like Souris with their beautiful water park - get it done because of the citizens, and not the government.  


4/21/2014 4:57:16 PM
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Feb 2010
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you just suggested that people DO FOR THEMSELVES!!!!!  
how dare you!!!!  
as far as the OP wanting their child out for exercise and fresh air, panting lines on the tennis court would be a great way to accomplish both. an added bonus would be that your kids get to see their parents taking pride in something the family enjoys. that would pave the way for them to grow up with a similar, forward thinking attitude. or, you can hang around and wonder when things will be done for you and know that your kids are learning from that example.  
not trying to be a smart-ass OP but now, the ball is your court.......


4/21/2014 5:12:31 PM
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Jul 2005
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think that if you painted the court yourself the city wouldn't be very pleased and you could end up in trouble if you went ahead and did it without consulting first.  
The Parks Department of the City maintains those courts. There is actually a concrete and parks maintenance division that is responsible for painting the courts.  
I'd suggest phoning the parks dept: Ph. (204) 729-2148


4/21/2014 5:34:29 PM
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Mar 2009
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I don't think

Oryx said "think that if you painted the court yourself the city wouldn't be very pleased and you could end up in trouble if you went ahead and did it without consulting first.  
The Parks Department of the City maintains those courts. There is actually a concrete and parks maintenance division that is responsible for painting the courts.  
I'd suggest phoning the parks dept: Ph. (204) 729-2148 "

Anyone is suggesting that they just do randomly paint it themselves using their own paint (okay, rereading maybe some are, that's not what I'm proposing anyhow), but ask for the paint from the city and explain what you want to do. Sometimes that's enough for the city to get things done, especially if they see that there's community demand for it.  
But you do bring up a good point. Has the OP contacted the city? Unless I'm missing it, they don't mention it. I know whenever I've contacted the city about maintenance issues in the parks in my neighbourhood, they generally get resolved pretty quick.


4/21/2014 6:46:29 PM
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Aug 2011
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OP second sentence

States that YES the city knows.  
IMO I don't think the neighbors should paint it themselves.  
Who knows, cops might come along and say you are vandalizing the property. That would figure, hey! Lol

kerry auriat

4/22/2014 7:38:52 PM
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Nov 2007
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Community involvement

Is always a great idea. I recommend that you call the area councillor, or even the Mayor who lives close by. I think it would be easy to get your hands on some paint and get these courts fixed.  
If you have to do it yourself, then imagine what a great example that will be to other neighbourhoods in Brandon!  

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