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Topic: Assault of three year old
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7/11/2017 1:02:46 PM
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Jul 2015
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Assault of three year old

News paper posted a story of a "man" that assaulted a three year old boy.  
Why is he only getting 30 hours community service?  
I feel he got off the hook here.....  
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7/11/2017 2:29:24 PM
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Mar 2005
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Do you have a link to the Sun story or elsewhere?


7/11/2017 2:49:10 PM
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Jul 2015
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7/11/2017 7:40:56 PM
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Aug 2013
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Poor kid

The poor kid, this guy seriously thinks a apology is going to do something? He should be hung by his excuse for what he did to that boy, and shame on the judge for letting that guy get away with it basiclly. No previous record doesnt prove someone isnt violent, it just means they haven''t been caught and charged...and even then he is getting away with it.....he should have gotten some time in the slammer....No kid/adult deserves to be abused physically/mentally EVER.  
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7/11/2017 9:36:01 PM
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Sep 2009
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Disgusting how the 'justice' system is. A three year old kid is roughed up simply for soiling himself?? Poor kid. Shame on you, pathetic bully! Hope karma catches up


7/11/2017 10:31:46 PM
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Sep 2015
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Makes me sick just reading that article... I can not stand to hear about kids getting hurt by adults... then to hear adults getting away from it....makes my stomach turn.... I have a 3yo...I can't imagine this


7/11/2017 10:32:35 PM
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Sep 2015
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Getting away **with it... not "from" it...

70`s guy

7/12/2017 8:56:42 AM
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Jul 2010
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Understand the uproar to some extent over this ruling, but com'on people, this is nothing new! Maybe this is breaking news to some, but here it is! Our justice system has evolved where there is really no justice for crimes committed, only time-outs. Our justice system does not protect us from criminals as repeat offenders are rampant! My ideal justice system would see the "death penalty" for mass murderers, life sentences (20 years no parole) for drug traficking as that crime literaly kills Canada's "human resources" thus killing Canada's prosperity.There's so many areas where our justice system could do better, like making decisions that would bring closure for the victims families as they are never considerred when sentences are handed down. Unfortunately our justice sustem has evolved so "left" that it seeks to find out why a criminal did what he did and proceed to help him deal with his past and demons and then release them into society afyer serving 1/3 of their sentence. It's horific to think what this guy did to a 3 year old, but my guess whithout knowing the individual or his past that he will likely not learn anything from his bad behaviour and probably will re-offend in some way and then the justice system will look at giving him a slightly longer sentence as a future deterent. Quite pathetic this justice system when you really look at it.


7/12/2017 10:24:52 AM
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Oct 2016
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3 year old

Christmas Day and the mother leaves her 3 year old baby to go out with her friends? Then the boyfriend picks her up the next day? Who does that? Although the boyfriend deserved much more, I think there is something to be said about the mother as well. I hope nothing else happens to this little child.


7/12/2017 2:46:00 PM
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Aug 2014
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Absolutely disgusting ...


7/12/2017 11:14:50 PM
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Oct 2009
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Heart breaking

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