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Topic: Technology pros &; cons
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8/9/2018 1:06:11 PM
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May 2009
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Technology pros &; cons

I find with myself & a friend brought it to my attention that in this world of instant everything if I don't get a answer right now I get very short with people & feel badly so I'm going to have to start checking myself .Does anyone else notice this about yourself or others ?

Fishin Guy

8/9/2018 1:40:01 PM
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Dec 2005
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No patience now in this day and age. Power goes out for a minute there is a thread on here "Power out-Anyone know why?" My buddies girlfriend last night would not stop texting and calling while on the phone with me. Finally he said he had to call her to shut her up as was getting tired of hearing beep after beep of messages and calls trying to come through. I honestly hate technology. I like it for my fish finder and my tablet for reading the paper while on the crapper. Otherwise one could shove it lol.


8/9/2018 1:53:59 PM
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Mar 2016
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Not a hillbilly

Most technological advances in the last several decades have been because of the military. Internet, Google Earth, etc. Does technology make our lives easier and better? The short answer is yes. Especially in medicine. I feel the answer for the average person is more in-depth than that. Do we really need to know what somebody is thinking 1/2 around the world? Facebook, Twitter, I have never used it. Can't see the point. Do we really need to have our faces buried in a iPad 24/7? Will we miss something? When is the last time someone actually wrote a letter or picked up the phone? As I say this, I'm typing it on social media... guilty. I do so long for the simpler life...


8/9/2018 1:55:48 PM
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Nov 2017
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my concern is this ...

I honestly don't like technology. But I think it is something to stay, my concern is always, what would happen to us if the system crashes? Does anyone really know how to survive now days without having everything at our fingertips? We are 100% dependent on technology in 1 way or another, to me it is a tad scary to realize that if it all of a sudden went away, many of us would would not know what to do..


8/9/2018 4:05:04 PM
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Jul 2018
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The problem isn't the technology

Tell yourself what ever you want but the issue isn't technology here, its 100% people

Trevor B

8/9/2018 4:38:56 PM
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Apr 2005
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has always been improving and evolving ever since the Stone Age.


8/9/2018 4:40:45 PM
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Nov 2017
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Yes you are right

It isnt smart phones , cars , or even ar-15 rifles - it is all about people . Sooner or later some body is going to have to admit that most of our problems are due to too many people here on earth.


8/9/2018 4:53:15 PM
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Jan 2012
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I completely agree

Humans are the problem.  
Population control should have been in place before we crossed 1 billion.  
I fear its too late to change anything tho.


8/9/2018 6:15:26 PM
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Jun 2017
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Mauve said "Humans are the problem.  
Population control should have been in place before we crossed 1 billion.  
I fear its too late to change anything tho. "

That thread kind of took a hard right turn....


8/10/2018 11:20:41 AM
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Mar 2016
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I'm not sure about population

Yes. The population is growing at an unprecedented rate. I'm not sure technology is responsible for that! I can't help but think people would be happier in a simpler world. Yes, every era had it's issues, but it feels we are in a race to win... what? We'd be a lot healthier if we all did more physical labour. Gardening, for example instead of video sports or third player shoot ups! Walking, bike riding, snowshoeing. Just my opinion.


8/10/2018 11:41:57 AM
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Sep 2007
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Original topic

Yes. Instant gratification=impatience.  
It is about people and inherent selfishness, not population.  
Technology is not the enemy. It may be the type (talking about virtual connectedness as the definition of "technology") and how it is designed to addict that is the enemy.


8/10/2018 11:54:58 AM
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Mar 2009
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I agree that issue isn't really technology as much as our use of it. Social media is a big one. I unplugged from Facebook for the summer and I find I'm much happier, more settled, and more patient. I'm also much more productive and have read waaaay more books!!! LOL  
As for the comment about the billion mark, that's absurd. Technology is largely responsible for the increase - they go hand in hand. The world's population reached a billion in the early 1800's, before most of the important technological advances responsible for the population explosion even happened. Part of the reason why humans are so numerous is because we live and thrive in virtually every ecosystem.


8/10/2018 12:59:54 PM
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Apr 2016
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Younger crowd

Technology is now growing up alongside our children. Technology is here and here to stay, so is Social Media.  
I have no problem with them and find that there is some valuable info to be found on many platforms. Sometimes you get an odd photo shared or get into an argument but I enjoy it and I''m 20 years old. How else would we be chatting right now here on eBrandon? I guess we could all have a huge get together but this is much more convenient.  
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8/10/2018 1:29:12 PM
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Jul 2010
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Technology has rewired our brains. Yes, e are less patient because of how quickly we can access things, but even because of movies. Have you ever watched a movie where they did not change cameras/angles every few seconds? You would really notice how fast scenes change, even in commercials. Our brains are influenced by so many things in relation to our technology use.  
I personally think the negatives outweigh the positives.


8/13/2018 9:28:35 PM
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Sep 2014
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pros and cons

Pros: lots of cat videos and WWF, fun to muse about some piece of trivia and see how long it takes for the peanut gallery to whip out the artillery.  
Cons: Created by Satan, can lead to addictive/obsessive behaviour, may cause B.F. Skinner to roll over in his grave.  
Btw...did they ever catch the Zodiac killer?


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