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Topic: does anybody know where to get a longboard tuned up?
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5/22/2018 3:43:46 PM
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May 2018
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does anybody know where to get a longboard tuned up?

Haven’t gotten our boards looked at in two years, never done the tuneups myself. Considering going to BOB HQ, A&L, or possibly Source for Sports. There’s no skate shops in town. Or looking for someone to teach me to do it.


5/22/2018 9:42:49 PM
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Oct 2014
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Where to buy a longboard

I have been looking to buy a longboard but can't find any shop in Brandon that sells them. Was told A&L would be the most likely. Is there actually no shops that sell longboards?


5/22/2018 11:12:58 PM
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May 2018
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Yeah Brandon doesn’t have any good skate shops that I know of. You can buy cheap airwalk ones at Canadian Tire and Walmart, but there don’t seem to be any good board shops. I would check A&L, I think BOB HQ has some but I’m not sure they could just be pennies. If you can’t find any good ones in Brandon, can always check billabong, quicksilver and west 49 in Wpg. They don’t sell anything super great but it’s better than nothing. Source for sports might have as well.


5/23/2018 11:22:34 AM
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Feb 2014
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They don't service them there, but they have all the parts plus completes. I have seen Zflex, Rayne, and Santa Cruz longboards there.


5/25/2018 7:39:47 AM
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May 2018
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Check out Scam Skate in Winnipeg. They sell boards, parts, and can help you with a tune up. They even make custom boards!! Great company. Check them out. They have a website. Ask for Gavin. 204-504-6227


7/8/2018 11:34:41 AM
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Mar 2018
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we have a long board for sale

It is a beautiful custom made one. Used once!Let me know if you are interested to know more.


7/8/2018 11:27:09 PM
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Mar 2012
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Jo Brooks on Park Ave

Jo Brooks has a bunch of skateboard stuff and a guy there that knows his stuff. Went looking at kayaks and boom, mini skate/bike shop Sounds crazy but it’s true, check it out


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