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Topic: Thursday Night Multiplayer Classic PC Games
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6/28/2018 12:11:22 PM
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Apr 2015
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Thursday Night Multiplayer Classic PC Games

Some friends and I are Setting up an Unreal Tournament 99 Classic server for Thursday Nights. Server should be live July 5th for the first "Throwback Thursday" night. If you're interested you can join our discord here ->: <:- UT99 is old enough it even runs on potato salad, no gaming computer required. You can buy a DRM free copy of UT99 here no CD key required  
Pending how popular this becomes we will rotate classic multiplayer games every 1-2 months. Some other games we plan on hosting if we get enough people interested are classic games like Quake 2/3, Battlefield Franchise (1942/BF2) and many more from the early 90's into 2000's. (Aliens vs Predator etc)  
Our goal is to start a "Throwback Thursday" game night for those who might be interested in playing older games that run on older hardware so you don't require the latest greatest PC to play.

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6/28/2018 10:16:20 PM
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Mar 2011
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I SWEAR....just this morning as my kids were playing PS4 I was thinking "man I wish I could play something on mouse and keyboard, it would be awesome to play some U.T. again because that would run on pretty much anything these days and I was pretty freking good at it"  
Downloading right now. Looking forward to fragin'


6/29/2018 7:23:23 AM
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Oct 2015
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I would be willing to join this. I still play counter strike source frequently and age of empires 2. What time will you plan on starting it each Thursday?


6/29/2018 9:38:06 PM
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Apr 2015
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Glad to see there is some interest!  
Thursday Nights anytime after 6pm until in the evening. For UT99 will have bots enabled on the server just for people to have something to do as people get home from work, eat and settle in, then sit down to frag! :D


6/30/2018 8:37:48 AM
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Jun 2016
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Can we play low-grav instagib? That's my jam.


7/2/2018 9:32:59 PM
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Apr 2015
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not ruling it out

PrairieDog204 said "Can we play low-grav instagib? That's my jam. "

This coming Thursday July the 5th we will be running CTF maps, Instagib was one of my favorite game modes as well!  
We just got the server configured tonight up and running, bots functioning.  
We can defiantly play around with different game modes and settings as we progress as long!  
Make sure to hop into the discord and check the #throwbackthursday channel for instructions on how to connect to the server.  
Tonights test run went well so hopefully Thursday will be a blast


7/12/2018 10:45:29 AM
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Apr 2015
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UT99 tonight

Just a heads up we will be trying to get a group of people playing some UT99 again tonight!  
We are probably going to open our Conan Exiles 20 player server the public now that its available in the up and coming Humble Monthly Bundle which is a pretty sweet deal for Conan Exiles it retails for $49.99 CDN on Steam so for $15 USD not bad!  
Server details can be found in our discord if you're interested in partaking!


7/12/2018 3:42:07 PM
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Mar 2011
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Hey a Conan Exiles fan, nice. If your wanting some fun on a really good official server, come check out #1578. Good friendly alphas there jay are helpful and run a good ship.


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