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Topic: Evening Spare Time


7/3/2018 6:50:27 PM
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Oct 2015
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Evening Spare Time

Hello eBrandoners! I am a mature (36 yo) female university student who is looking for something to do in the evenings. After being out of school for over a month, the tv watching and reading for pleasure is getting stale. I don’t really have any friends here and I don’t really have any hobbies. What is there to do around Brandon? I’m a bit shy, so big social things are out of the question but I’d love to try a new hobby, or join a class, or something... please help!


7/3/2018 7:01:43 PM
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Jun 2012
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walk or hike?

It’s beautiful out, being active at night always makes me happy


7/3/2018 7:55:23 PM
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Jul 2005
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I know the hospital has evening volunteers.  
Their volunteer application is on their website.  
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7/3/2018 10:42:39 PM
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Mar 2009
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Here's a few ideas:  
Try Funtime Pottery. She offers a variety of paint nights and theme evenings. You can also just drop in and work on a project.  
There's live music in Princess Park (across from the Y) on Tuesday evenings in the summer. Pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the show!  
The BU has it's observatory open from time to time. The public can come up and have a peek at the night sky through their telescope.  
Dragon Boat racing up in Minnedosa on Wednesday evenings (car pooling from Brandon available).  
You could try your hand at something like golf or ultimate frisbee (they have pick-up games on a regular basis where you just show up to play - check their website).  
Hope those give you a few ideas!


7/3/2018 10:55:40 PM
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May 2018
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board game empire is always fun!

The amount I say “go to board game empire” when someone asks about fun stuff to do in Brandon, James should be paying me for advertising. But really, it’s super fun! If you’re at all interested in board games or video games, go check it out! And if you’re wanting to get into DND, we occasionally run what we call “Dnd kindergarten” there with an experienced DM and newbie players.


7/7/2018 2:11:22 AM
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Sep 2009
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Do you like animals? Humane society and other animal shelters are always looking for volunteers. Cleaning, walking dogs and caring for animals is always a great pastime and experience. If you’re lonely and live in a pet friendly place, you can also foster dogs or cats too


7/7/2018 1:17:01 PM
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Jan 2017
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The university has beading club on Tuesday evenings (5-ish, I think?)! I haven't gone in ages but everybody is super nice and it's a neat new hobby to have. If you don't have any supplies starting out they would be glad to lend you some.  
Also, trivia on Tuesdays at The Firehouse is really fun and also free. This starts at 8pm.  
There's also Music in the Park. Meet new people, listen to music.... And it's freeeee!


7/7/2018 3:16:40 PM
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Dec 2017
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Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of South Western Manitoba has a variety of classes & times.  
I took pottery throwing in the evening last year.  
As a registered student you can use the facilities (when there is no scheduled class) so I went in every night I could, even when I didn’t have class.


7/8/2018 8:55:24 AM
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Oct 2015
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Great ideas!

I’m learning so much! Thank you for all the great ideas!!


7/8/2018 11:26:26 AM
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Mar 2018
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YMCA for fun fitness classes - 2 week free trial

The Y has fitness classes that are fun - you can try anything and everything out for two weeks free. then you can decide if you want to become a regular member.

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