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7/4/2018 4:52:16 PM
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Mar 2010
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Has anyone reading this ever wanted to quit drinking coffee and was successful? And how ? As for myself I have failed plenty of times . By the way McDonald’s is my favourite coffee to enjoy before I start talking to anybody lol

Happy_ Hour

7/4/2018 5:25:28 PM
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Mar 2009
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Quitting drinking coffee?!?! Now that is just silly talk!


7/4/2018 5:57:30 PM
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Sep 2015
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hardest thing

It is the hardest thing to quit. I did cold turkey for a week but the head aches got to be horrible. Tried subbing in tea and it was better, mostly now I just limit my coffee


7/4/2018 6:23:22 PM
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Jun 2012
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cold turkey

I quit caffeine cold turkey back in October. The first 2 weeks were the worst. The headaches were horrible! But then I powered through. I found drinking lots of water helped a bit. Was successful keeping caffeine out of my life up until McDonald's brought back their dollar drink days - now I'm guilty of stopping for an iced coffee every now and then.


7/4/2018 8:02:41 PM
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May 2012
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I did for a surgery I had. First couple days sucked but it got easier


7/4/2018 9:53:41 PM
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Jun 2012
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I have before

And the first week was hard but afterwards it was better. I enjoy drinking coffee too much to quit.


7/4/2018 10:23:50 PM
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Sep 2009
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Wasn't there recent research that showed that drinking coffee increases life expectancy?!?


7/4/2018 10:32:47 PM
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May 2015
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quitting any addiction is hard

I usually drink two cups in the morning to start my day. I stopped cold turkey a few years back just to see how my body would do without it. I had a major headache for a week and that was the hardest part. After that it got easier. I started drinking it again simply because I love the taste!


7/5/2018 8:51:19 AM
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Feb 2013
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Quitting Coffee

I quit in 2000. Was drinking about 6 mugs/day while at work. I quit because had some health issues & caffeine may prevent body from absorbing calcium, and deplete B vitamins. My naturopathic doctor, I saw then, suggested it. I remember the headaches for first while (week?) but no other problems. I switched to organic green tea (leaves). Also have coffee substitute called Bambu. Tried others and liked this one the best. I still have the occasional Iced Cap. 'Net says coffee has 100-200 mg of caffeine and green tea 35-50 in 8 oz serving. I find it best if quit any tea after 4 PM (I go to bed earlier) for a great sleep. Did see online that, if taking vitamins, drink coffee 15 min before or 2 hours after. Green tea can interfere w/iron absorption so don't drink with meds. I don't miss the coffee but few things smell so good as when my husband brews that cup of coffee!


7/5/2018 11:18:49 AM
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Mar 2010
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Thank you all

Thank you all for sharing your stories with me.


7/5/2018 12:58:58 PM
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Mar 2012
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Coffee . . .

I somewhat put the brakes on my coffee consumption a couple years back, though more because I was concerned about the amount of sugar I was taking in at the time. 2 or 3 cups a day with 2 teaspoons per, on top of other beverages and sources of sugar (if you eat processed foods, that means EVERYTHING!).  
I decided to make the change in the final weeks of December. So I prepped by buying lots of tea bags.  
Starting January 1 and right through to February, I would replace my morning coffee (the majority of my daily intake) with tea. Tea, because it gave the pick-me-up that I needed without the necessity of sugar. I wouldn't worry about other sources of sugar (one step at a time), and would leave 1 wildcard day a week.  
Because I am human, and nothing wrecks motivated goals more than guilt.  
The entirety of the month ended up being a breeze, with me using no wildcards. I did have coffee a time or 2, but with stevia instead of sugar. Note to people trying that, you don't need a whole teaspoon (I found out the hard way).  
In the following months, I gradually re-introduced coffee back to its staple status, but am careful of the sugar, keeping to the maybe 1 or 2 times a month of my initial experiment. I don't pay much attention elsewhere in life, but I do drink much less other surgery beverages. Pop turned out to be very easy to live without, but I need to work on sports drinks. Herbal tea and bubbly water (a recent discovery) make great substitutes.  
Little steps. A few of you quit coffee cold turkey, good for you. For the rest of us though, set little goals. Flexibility is your friend.  
That was a lesson learned from quitting smoking. Granted, I had been only smoking for around a year at the time. But none the less . . .

Truck Chick

7/6/2018 7:41:07 AM
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Jun 2006
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Stevia is a great sugar substitute!

If you’re having trouble with sports drinks, or want the caffeine of coffee with the taste of sweet drinks like fruit punch or juices, I recommend pre-workout mixes from Popeyes or GNC. They have about 5 calories per big water bottle’s worth, I get my water intake early in the day, and I rarely drink coffee anymore. Yeah, it’s $40 for 30 servings, but so is a daily Timmie’s :-)


7/6/2018 12:38:55 PM
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Oct 2009
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I found on the Keurig website one that was half-caff and I switched down to them for the box, then went cold turkey. Had headaches and felt sluggish for a couple days! I was caffeine free for about 1.5 years, but recently started drinking a cup in the morning. I find I'm a lot more caffeine sensitive than I used to be, so I need less for my fix. If I craved the taste of coffee, or wanted something for social settings, I just had decaf.


7/6/2018 5:34:04 PM
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Jul 2012
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i suspect

the evils of coffee is not the coffee but the cream and sugar you put in it.  
I used to take some coffee with my sugar years ago, weaned off the sugar, now you could not pay me to drink it with cream and sugar.  
I enjoy a baileys from time to time, but on the side. dont mess with my dark roast.  
actually the darker the roast the less caffiene, it is cooked off.


7/6/2018 5:36:19 PM
Member since:
Nov 2012
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West Coast Dark Roast

at Superstore is on sale for $9.00. $3.00 off and a great coffee.


7/10/2018 5:20:59 PM
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Dec 2017
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Yes to quitting a habit

Yes. A success story for me.  
I used to drink 4 or 5 cups of black coffee a day. My espressos were always quattros. Then I had extremely high blood pressure and finally a TIA. My Doctor said to stop coffee. Very hard but I did it.  
I bought fidget devices, squeeze balls, and had a “swear” book in my pocket that I wrote the words & thoughts I wanted to say when on a caffeine crave. The book helped a lot as I read back the crazy things I thought throughout the day.  
Stay away from decaf “for the taste” because it is very easy to say “just one regular coffee won’t hurt me today” and before you know it the addiction (if you have one) kicks in and your back to square one.

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