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Topic: Virginia Creeper vine
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Loves Music

7/8/2018 11:58:49 AM
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Apr 2007
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Virginia Creeper vine

Can anyone tell me the best way to start new Virginia Creeper vines?


7/8/2018 1:12:18 PM
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Aug 2007
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I put a slip in water

and when it rooted, i planted it. That was 10 years ago and my vine is crazy huge, thick and full. It took a few years to get it trained on an arbor, but we love it. We trim it a few times over the summer as we don't want it attaching to the neighbors fence, they tend to spread and grow like wild fire so make sure you have plenty of space for it. FYI, ours has very large deep roots, so after a decade if you decide to get rid of it, its a big job.


7/8/2018 9:04:47 PM
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Dec 2012
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Virginia Creeper

I've started VC many times and all I do is dig a shallow trench a little longer than the piece you want to plant. Cover it with dirt and water it every couple of days as you would other plants

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