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Topic: Passport Renewal- Est. time/status questions
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7/9/2018 9:27:08 AM
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Oct 2012
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Passport Renewal- Est. time/status questions

My passport was set to expire in Sept. I went into the Service Canada Building in Brandon on July 5th (Thursday) and had them send it off.  
I have a trip booked for August 9th departure, what is the timeline you usually receive it back in?  
Will it need to be put on urgent status? Would that help any to have it back in time?

Mr. Brett

7/9/2018 9:29:04 AM
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Jul 2018
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I feel like they said if you do it there, it may be around 4 - 6 weeks, possibly more. I'm not 100% sure, but that's what I remember


7/9/2018 9:29:23 AM
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Mar 2008
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Mine was about 2-3 weeks if I remember correctly.


7/9/2018 9:37:47 AM
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Sep 2011
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3 weeks for me

I had mine back in 3 weeks and I live in a rural area and sent everything away by mail even and not dropped off at a Service Canada office


7/9/2018 9:37:52 AM
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May 2012
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3 weeks

Had mine renewed last year, pics. taken at CAA, took it to the Service Canada Bldg. and it was very carefully reviewed, had it back in 3 weeks.

Just an opinion

7/9/2018 9:47:16 AM
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Sep 2008
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Just under 3 weeks from day sent from Brandon Center - and that is rural too so extra couple days for post office. Did mine this year mid May.  
On it they ask when you need it for and the date is posted on a white board at the office-if they didn''t think it would be back by that date Brandon office would inform you.  
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7/9/2018 9:58:52 AM
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Apr 2007
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2 Weeks for me from sending it from here in town


7/9/2018 12:03:00 PM
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May 2018
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Standard timeframe

The standard timeframe to receive your passport when your application is submitted via a Service Canada Centre is 20 business days.  
Google "passport canada processing times" and you can find the official info.


7/9/2018 6:21:46 PM
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Mar 2005
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Service canada

They also have a sign as you enter the building that gives a date. I think it is the day that is a guide to this. It States that if you are going on holidays before x date do not send it from here. It is updated daily I think. The sign is hard to miss.

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