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Topic: therapy/emotional support dog
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7/9/2018 10:51:10 PM
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Oct 2017
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therapy/emotional support dog

just wondering if anyone has any info or know where i can get info on if a landlord can refuse a therapy/emotional support dog if its recomended by a counseller … ive looked up online and can really only find info on service dogs, which i know is different than a therapy/emotional support dog… any info would would help…thnx in advance


7/9/2018 10:59:34 PM
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Jul 2017
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Call the Residential Tenancies Office tomorrow. Their phone number is 204-726-6230.


7/9/2018 11:16:49 PM
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Mar 2009
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Unfortunately there isn''''t anything protecting emotional support animals. Only working dogs (dogs who have been trained from puppies for people with disabilities and are classified as service dogs) are protected under the human rights. Unfortunately there is nothing in place for any emotional support animals in Manitoba. A landlord can choose weather or not to allow pets. And because they aren''t service animals specifically trained they fall under the pets portion. You''re more then welcome to give the rental board a call however I know someone personally who tried and was denied.  
I have cats. I know how amazing having a companion for emotional reasons. I get it. But unfortunately there's nothing here for it. In Ontario you can't be refused because of pets. I have considered moving there lol  
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