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Topic: Wireless Streaming
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7/12/2018 12:11:21 PM
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Sep 2013
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Wireless Streaming

Hello, I currently have a Roku, and have been pleased with it so far. It is only used for Netflix and Youtube I will be adding another device soon, and I'm just wondering if anyone can share their recommendations or experiences with any other devices?  
Thank you!


7/12/2018 12:31:06 PM
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Mar 2005
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As always, legal only and no grey area please. I know it isn't what you're asking for but some folks may want to share ideas on how to acquire or share content that one is supposed to pay for without paying for it and this site cant be used to help in those situations. thx in advance!


7/12/2018 12:36:54 PM
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Sep 2013
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Not looking for any hacks, or illegal downloads, just info about devices that are similar to a Roku. i will more than likely get another of the same, just wondering what else is out there.


7/12/2018 1:02:29 PM
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May 2009
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We have a Nvidia Shield which is an Android Streaming box. We love it. Use it for Neflix, Youtube and connect to our Plex media server. Options to play games on it and has internal storage. Very robust and we enjoy it.


7/12/2018 3:15:32 PM
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Mar 2011
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Apple TV or Android box.

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