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Topic: Curiosity leading kids to talk to strangers
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7/16/2018 11:28:07 PM
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Jan 2013
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Curiosity leading kids to talk to strangers

I have been enjoying the hobby of metal detecting in the local parks. I try to pick the times when the parks are empty so I am not invading the space for kids to play. However, I often encounter the kids when they see me and run over to me and are curious about what I am doing. Some of them have been quite young and without any parents with them. One little girl (about 8 yrs old) even pointed out her house and informed me that her dad was not home until 5pm)  
Eagerly, they ask if they can help me hunt for stuff. I am happy to engage and share the fun with them, but I can't help feel a little surprised about how quickly and willing they are to talk to strangers. And honestly, it appears that some of them would have followed my anywhere.  
Although I am a friendly stranger who means no harm, it could easily be the "wrong" person they are talking to.  
Hopefully, I don't offend any parents out there if I remind these innocent and curious kids that it is not a good idea to talk to strangers when their parents aren't around.  
Be safe out there kiddies!


7/17/2018 3:55:05 AM
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Sep 2015
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That is honestly really scary . I too encountered a situation like this with a bunch of kids coming up to me and starting talking (youngest 5?). They were curious as to what I was doing, I could have asked probably gotten any information I could have wanted just by asking. It was cool to see the interest, but the friendliness was a tad concerning.they wanted to talk more, but I took me leave as I was feeling uncomfortable with the approachability they had.. another incident I had was that a child (10yo?) walked right INTO MY HOME because He saw toys on the floor (My door was open as I was sitting on my patio, he was a passerby)!! Astonishing!!! I do teach my children stranger danger , and the idea that if they don't feel comfortable to talk or don't know the person, don't respond... no forced hugs , no forced conversation, no forced contact. Obviously be polite but if they don't know the person, even if I do, be cautious .. (and we have a passwords set in place in case of emergencies as well for school pickups and such)... you'd be shocked to hear how many ADULTS are completely offended when encountering this. It is appalling. I have to explain over and over that my child doesn't know who you are, so they are just being careful of strangers (example, an acquaintance of mine, my daughter didn't really know her at all, wanted to give her chocolate, my daughter said she needed to ask me first, this lady was so upset, As though it was an insult to her character, I was shocked....don't take candy from strangers!!!) I think we as parents are not doing a good job of teaching our kids that not everyone is their friend, and not everyone has their best interests at heart, and not everyone likes them, even if said person seems kind. Be respectful , yes, but no way do something solely out of guilt, obligation, or curiosity (talking,hugging,etc)


7/17/2018 5:39:58 PM
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Sep 2009
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Wow, that’s really scary! Especially the story about the eight-year-old girl saying that nobody was going to be home until 5 o’clock. Not only is she oversharing, but who is looking after her? When we try to teach kids stranger danger there’s so much more that they need to be taught, so many more instances that they need to be careful but they don’t think about. They’re usually only taught what to do if a stranger approaches them, but hardly ever to not approach strangers themselves. I totally understand your feeling of discomfort.


7/17/2018 8:07:43 PM
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Jun 2011
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To be fair

The child wasn't reported to have said no one was home till 5, just Dad wasn't home till 5. Could have had other child care in place.


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