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Topic: Reviews by owners of Nokian all weather tires
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7/25/2018 4:40:15 PM
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Reviews by owners of Nokian all weather tires

We have an older car (2001) in great condition for it's age and km (less than 90 Km) - we drive the car maybe 1,000 km per year - currently the car has all-season tires on it that are 13 years old - they still have 8/32 of tread left but the rubber feels very hard and I'm sure they would be like riding on frozen hockey pucks this winter so we definitely will be replacing them.  
We are considering replacing these tires with Nokian all-weather tires - WGR4 which is the newer version of the WGR3 which has been around for several years. I'm asking for reviews from people that currently use these tires - how are they on snow packed streets and icy intersections?  
2nd Question - the spare tire in that car is the original from the factory - full-size tire not a temp. It has never seen sunlight except for a few minutes each season when I check the pressure. Since that tire is 17 years old - would you recommend that we should replace that due to it's age.


7/25/2018 5:53:32 PM
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Jan 2011
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I was in the same boat 4 years ago, old car with old tires over 12 years old leaking on the bead, hardened rubber because of age, but still half tread left, but couldn't take the leaking anymore, and bought Nokian all weather tires they work great in winter, and are standing up well, no leaks in winter, I'm a very low mileage driver also, I doubt I will wear them out before they are too old or the car dies.

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