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Topic: Noxious Weeds


8/8/2018 10:51:43 AM
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Nov 2010
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Noxious Weeds

Does anyone recognize this weed???City parks can not seem to eradicate it in the last 3 years. I shed seed pod about 3 inches long into the drainage ditch south of the Sportsplex track.They stick to dogs[impossible to remove except to cut off the hair around the pod], pant legs: sting like heck and the juice is a skin irritant. I will add pictures if I can.


8/8/2018 11:09:00 AM
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May 2009
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Looks like

Looks like Creeping Thistle


8/8/2018 1:33:22 PM
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Jun 2012
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kinda hard to tell

But looks like sow thistle?


8/8/2018 1:50:19 PM
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Dec 2008
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I’m not sure

What the name of that weed is but I remember them growing everywhere in Newfoundland when I was young. We would toss them at each other when we were kids and they are almost impossible to get of clothes and hair as mentioned previously.


8/8/2018 1:51:40 PM
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May 2010
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sow thistle has yellow flowers,

Viv said "But looks like sow thistle? "

Some thistle for sure

Silver Maple

8/8/2018 2:55:21 PM
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Aug 2010
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8/8/2018 8:14:12 PM
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Sep 2007
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Burdock, which is edible, can easily be confused with cocklebur which is very poisonous.  
Burdock root (also known as gobo root), it is very healthy (if it has not been sprayed) and can be put into soups, stews and tea. I read recently that the flower is like artichoke in flavor and it is in the same family. It is claimed to have many cleansing health benefits. The root is often sold at Superstore as gobo root.  
Burdock is not native to Canada and is considered to be invasive.


8/8/2018 9:16:15 PM
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Nov 2010
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Thank you for the link and the information. I now know where it originated from and hopefully the city can eradicate it and take care of it's origin.


8/8/2018 11:35:32 PM
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Nov 2010
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To me, photo # 2 looks like Scotch Thistle.


8/9/2018 7:17:18 AM
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Oct 2015
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Yup Burdock.

Ugh. I have been fighting this weed for years on my property. We dig it down as far as we can but it always comes back. It grows fast and tall! People on here saying you have to cut dogs hair to get it out... no you don’t! I have 3 dogs and one with super long fur (Pyrenees) and a dog brush works wonders!


8/9/2018 7:49:19 AM
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Mar 2016
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Good luck

Eradicating burdock.  
I know people who pull and chop and burn and they still have not got rid if it from tgeir pastures.  
Brush and oil will remove the. From long hair and fur


8/9/2018 10:00:49 AM
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Sep 2016
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with most thistles even if you leave 1 cm of root it will grow back, remove top growth so it cant reseed. In late fall mix round up with miracle grow and mist the plant.  
In the fall the plants pushes nutrients to the roots to survive the winter, the miracle grow acts a food source so the plant will take more in before it shuts the doors.


8/9/2018 11:08:39 AM
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Jun 2013
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It is hard to kill

I've found that what works decent for me is a farmer strength Roundup solution (not the watered down, home owner's stuff that you can buy in stores) or picking/cutting the leaves/plant off. I have a lot fewer burdock plants now.  
Keep in mind that Roundup kills most plants that it touches, so it will probably kill grass under the burdock plant.


8/9/2018 9:03:14 PM
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Apr 2009
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Farm grade sounds very toxic. Big jug of vinegar mixed with a cup of salt and tbsp dish soap. Worked for me!


8/10/2018 9:10:58 AM
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Sep 2007
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If you use vinegar, try the extra strength cleaning type. I think it is 11% vs. the usual 3%. It should work better, I would think. You can find it at Home Hardware.


8/10/2018 9:50:51 AM
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Jun 2013
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The farm roundup is the same stuff that you buy in the stores, it just isn't diluted like the store stuff. Farmers apply the chemical properly as it was intended to be applied. Home owners tend to "drown" the plant in the spray, thus the diluted solution to compensate for too much spray.


8/10/2018 11:52:37 AM
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Apr 2009
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valia said "Farm grade sounds very toxic. Big jug of vinegar mixed with a cup of salt and tbsp dish soap. Worked for me! "

The mixture that you suggest is just as toxic if not more than Roundup. The active ingredient in Roundup is “salt”

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