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8/9/2018 1:50:43 AM
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Jan 2011
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Where can I buy big bulk pack of BOX matches? You know the stick ones. Please let me know if I can find them anywhere in Brandon. Thanks!


8/9/2018 2:36:19 AM
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Jan 2011
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Wooden Matches

I bought a couple boxes at Sobey's west end a while ago they had them at the service desk with the cigarettes


8/9/2018 6:57:52 AM
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Apr 2005
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Any Dollar Store


8/9/2018 7:15:23 AM
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Oct 2015
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Canadian Tire

I was just there yesterday getting some camping equipment. They have three or four different sizes of matches and all the wooden ones in boxes which were bulk packaged.


8/9/2018 10:32:54 AM
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Mar 2009
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wood matches?

Is it the wood matches you're looking for? (I'm assuming so if you want a BOX, or are you looking for a box of the packages/booklets?). My grandmother buys the booklets by the box where she buys cigarettes. She probably goes through a booklet a day as she lights the smoke but only takes 1-2 drags and then snuffs it, and then relights the same cigarette an hour later (the same cig will last her 2-3 rounds). Her arthiritis makes it so she can't operate a lighter.  
I recently bought a box of the LONG wooden matches (for lighting wood stoves, etc) at Dollar Tree.


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