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Topic: Class 1 Oilfield Hauling Jobs MB or SK ?
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Frankly My Dear

8/9/2018 7:27:10 AM
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Mar 2009
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Class 1 Oilfield Hauling Jobs MB or SK ?

I am enquiring to the availability of crude or water hauling jobs in Manitoba and south east Saskatchewan for a class 1 driver. This subject has been touched on in previous threads and years but looking for an update if possible. If so, is the company good to work for, compensation etc. Thank you.


8/9/2018 11:23:46 AM
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Feb 2013
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class 1A oil

Spearing service in Pipestone hiring. There’s also vertex, premier


8/9/2018 7:26:37 PM
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Jun 2012
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Oilfield services is hiring right now.

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