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Topic: Do HDTV Antennas work in Brandon?
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9/7/2018 4:43:00 PM
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Jan 2009
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Do HDTV Antennas work in Brandon?

Just wondering if anyone knows whether these antennas actually work and if so, is there a recommended antenna? I'm considering purchasing one if it works, but I want to know what I'm looking for beforehand. Please remember to dumb it down for me as I am techno-illiterate.

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9/7/2018 5:15:39 PM
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Sep 2012
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Kind of not really

You might get CBC, CTV, City and Global. MIGHT. You can get those in Winnipeg but not sure about Brandon.


9/7/2018 5:25:29 PM
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Jul 2011
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One station

All you will get is one station (CTV, not sure of the number). Their is another station, but due to distance, it is suggested you need a rooftop antenna for that one. See to see for any other areas.


9/7/2018 5:25:36 PM
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Jun 2005
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Not really worth it

The only digital channel you will get is Global and it comes in pretty good. CTV is just plain analogue, some people have better luck then others getting a clear signal for it. If you live closer to Melita, Waskada, Deloraine or possibly Boissevain, you might be able to get the Minot stations


9/7/2018 6:02:59 PM
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Mar 2015
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I have a redneck antenna for tv

I get Global and CTV for channels and i have a redneck antenna to have some tv channels.  
CBC i cant get as we dont have cbc broadcaster close enough as ckx was our cbc station


9/11/2018 3:08:00 PM
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Jan 2009
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Do HDTV Antennas work in Brandon?


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