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Topic: Collegians in Cars Getting Coffee
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9/7/2018 7:52:55 PM
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Sep 2011
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Collegians in Cars Getting Coffee

Has anyone viewed the new ACC youtube videos entitled "Collegians in Cars Getting Coffee"? Is it excellent. A great example of a College that thinks outside the box. What creativity. Three episodes so far that introduce us to three ACC students driving through Brandon with ACC President Mark. Episode 1 has a special guest! I sure hope there are more episodes! Thanks ACC for opening your doors and letting the community of Brandon know what is happening at ACC this year.


9/8/2018 12:44:20 PM
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Jun 2017
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I’m sure it’s excellent

But hard to call it thinking outside the box if they’re cloning someone else’s program, Seinfeld was thinking outside the box.


9/9/2018 5:00:07 PM
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Mar 2005
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Had a look.... College is lucky to have leadership with a knack for putting themselves and the school in the public eye! It gives the message an extra exclamation point when it’s coming from the president of the school  
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