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Topic: Bed Bugs!!!!!?
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9/8/2018 3:50:39 AM
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Jul 2015
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Bed Bugs!!!!!?

I’m currently looking to rent a new apartment, but am terrified of bed bugs! So is there any list on line that states places that have them or can people that know of places with them, either put it here or if that’s not allowed, private message me!


9/8/2018 8:23:26 AM
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Nov 2011
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And most landlords are not honest about it either. I rented a place a few years ago and 6 months in got bed bugs. Come to find out from my neighbour that my unit and surrounding units have had this issue for years before me. Luckily it was taken care of after 6 months of spraying religiously once a month and inspections once a month after that for 6 months after that. It was a living nightmare though that I dont wish upon anyone, I think I have slightly PTSD from it to be honest. This was years ago now and I am in a new place and still check my bed frequently. Anyways, moral of the story, they can be anywhere and everywhere. I dont believe most landlords are upfront and honest about it though. My best advice is rent an apartment in the newer development. Bed bugs don’t discriminate but its very unlikely. Good luck.


9/8/2018 10:18:53 AM
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Jul 2011
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Your best bet is to educate yourself on signs of bed bugs. A quick google search will help there. Then when you see the place - carefully inspect it. Bring a bright flashlight, and shine it the corners of the baseboards, etc. Good luck. I've never had them in my home, but had to deal with them professionally once. Disgusting.


9/8/2018 11:48:41 AM
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Sep 2015
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I agree you won’t know who or where has bed bugs. Whether it’s in a store a health facility or rental unit. Take precautions, use double sided tape put it on the doors, and vents. Vacuum before you move things in. Little things like that


9/8/2018 12:28:51 PM
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Jun 2009
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Education and preventive measures

Education and preventive measures are the only thing that will keep you from getting them too. Mattress and box spring cover to keep the bugs out (easier to spot them), double sided carpet tape (Canadian tire sells this) around the the apartment, vacuum daily and put contents in sealed bag and take outside immediately. Best of luck finding a place.


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