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Topic: Electric Furnace Question
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9/9/2018 6:35:32 PM
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Jan 2009
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Electric Furnace Question

We have an electric furnace in our mobile home. It was throwing the breaker off so an electrition disconnected an element. Is this furnace still good to use in the winter? If someone could let me know if it should be fixed or get a new one.


9/9/2018 6:47:56 PM
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May 2010
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if that is what was done, the element makes the heat. No element means no heat.

Just an opinion

9/9/2018 6:57:14 PM
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Sep 2008
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Is it a sequencer . Had an electrician in and disconnected 1 in furnace for same reason and had no issues last winter.  
Try turning your heat on in the daytime one of these days and make sure it has heat coming through vents, if no heat then call electrician in to check sequencers.


9/9/2018 7:08:07 PM
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Jan 2009
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There is heat but worried about overload in the winter.


9/9/2018 7:20:06 PM
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Dec 2013
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misswinter said "There is heat but worried about overload in the winter. "

If you are worried about overload in the winter call an electrician and get it fixed.

Just an opinion

9/9/2018 7:56:31 PM
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Sep 2008
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misswinter said "There is heat but worried about overload in the winter. "

Your own peace of mind call the electrician who,did it and ask him directly if what he disconnected will interfere with heating your place this winter.  
If you are still unsure about it call a reputable electrician or hydro and find out.  
The last thing you want in winter is no heat and frozen water lines in your mobile home.


9/9/2018 8:07:28 PM
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Jan 2015
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forced air

Most have multiple elements triggered to go on by the sequencers at slightly different times. You should hardly notice the difference. In saying that the furnace still should be re looked at and fixed for optimum performance.


9/10/2018 10:15:58 AM
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Oct 2010
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My guess is that the element he disconnected either burned out and drooped on to the next element or on to a metal part of the furnace, causing a short or overload. In either case, it would pull way more than it's rated current and could trip the breaker. I would replace the disconnect element with one of equal wattage if you can still get one. If not, even a bit smaller wattage element should work. Not bigger.  
If your furnace had four elements, it may still produce enough heat with just three, but it will probably have to run longer to maintain the temperature setting.


9/10/2018 11:22:36 PM
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Oct 2014
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Hvac guy not electrician

Get a heating cooling guy to look at it. They are trained in figuring out heating loads required for your house and the capacity of air going through the duct work. If you do have disconnected elements they could fix it or be able to help you decide if the new capabilities could keep up in your house with its size and heat loss.  
I have a 27 kilowatt furnace but have disconnected elements so it runs on 18. I just needed a bigger blower for the length of runs in my house over the amount of heat produced.


9/11/2018 7:18:52 AM
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Dec 2012
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If he

disconnected an element then it must have been shorting and causing the breaker to trip. You should talk to him because he is likely planning on coming back with a replacement, and they are quite easy to change. As for can you run it without? Absolutely, just means the air won't be as hot so it'll take a bit longer to heat your place up. Its not an issue, unless you have more elements fail. Either way, I would make sure you get it replaced sooner than later


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