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Topic: Fall suppers 2018?
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9/9/2018 10:38:45 PM
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Oct 2012
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Fall suppers 2018?

Just wondering about the fall supper dates in and around westman this season?? We have family coming from BC, so I'm thinking about great meals without having to cook. haha


9/10/2018 1:14:26 PM
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Aug 2009
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there is a cpl of web sites that list them

however seems like sw mb never posts on them. all I see is with in hour of Winnipeg.  
We love attending them too. one year we even took in one randomly while in the area.  
MB tourism is one that lists them and I think there is a MB fall supper facebook page.


9/10/2018 2:36:37 PM
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Oct 2009
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No Bethany supper anymore

It was announced in last Friday's Minnedosa Tribune that the folks are no longer able, so there will be no more fall suppers at Bethany


9/10/2018 5:02:08 PM
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Mar 2018
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There is a facebook page

If you are on facebook look for Manitoba Fall Suppers  
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Mary Chambers

9/23/2018 6:09:46 AM
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Aug 2008
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Fall Supper

Central United Church Fall Supper Sunday, September 30 @ 5:30 Tickets available at the church office.


9/23/2018 8:23:07 AM
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Aug 2009
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are there any in westman

today? the places I know to look are all eastern mb


9/23/2018 10:41:48 AM
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Nov 2005
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Fall supper

Donna said "today? the places I know to look are all eastern mb "

I just happened to catch in the ‘What’s On’ section of the local paper that St. Mary’s RC Church in Souris is holding a fall supper today (Sept 23, 2018) from 4:30 - 6:30 pm. It seems to be planned in conjunction with Souris Scarecrow Day celebrations this entire weekend.  
Looks like Wawanesa also has a fall supper next weekend (September 30/18) found on the Travel Manitoba website.  
I haven’t been to either of these, but have spotted notices for them, so thought I’d share here.  
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9/23/2018 12:10:39 PM
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Mar 2015
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Minto MB

The fall supper in Minto, MB is November 4th!


9/23/2018 3:07:27 PM
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Nov 2005
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Here is another one for September 23/18 - Minnedosa

Here is another listing for a Perogy and Sausage themed church supper in Minnedosa for Sunday, September 23, 2018. They don’t have a time listed (most are within 4 pm to 7 pm), but there is a contact number to call to confirm.


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