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Topic: Qualities you admire in parents
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9/10/2018 5:03:26 PM
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Jul 2017
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Qualities you admire in parents

I think I have pretty great parents. Now that I have my own children, I hope that they think of me the same way. So I’ve been thinking recently about what I can do to be someone my kids love to have as their mom.  
What are some qualities/things you do/did admire about your parents, whether big or small?  
One of my things - every Sunday evening for as long as I can remember while I lived at home, my mom and I made cookies together, no matter what else was happening in our lives. It was something special I really admired about her because I knew our time together was important to her.


9/10/2018 5:34:40 PM
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Mar 2010
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what i admired

in my mom, her kindness, her ability to talk to anyone, no matter what they thought their status in life was. Her drive to provide us kids thru the tough times and there were plenty.  
My dad? His work ethic, he did the best job he could and never complained. His strength when he got sick with cancer and the fight he had in him to stay with us as long as he could manage.


9/10/2018 6:46:03 PM
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Jul 2017
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I really admire it when a parent answers their child's questions with honesty. When teaching someone new about life, there should be no stupid questions. I have always felt that kids should be encouraged to be curious and they learn by asking questions. I also don't think things need to be dumbed down to any crazy extent.  
And let your kids fail! Give them advice, but let them make mistakes. Let them fall down once in a while. I know I had to, before I learned.  
I think that's what I admire most about my own parents too. Their honesty about the reality of life. I feel that I was well prepared for the adult world and some of my peers weren't.


9/10/2018 9:32:20 PM
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Sep 2015
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time spent

My dad always was with me, sometimes even if he never said anything because he would be exhausted from work, he would always just be present, like lay on the floor while I'd play or ALWAYS willing to help me build anything outside. I do truly miss that time of life.

Just an opinion

9/11/2018 8:15:55 AM
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Sep 2008
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Being there

My parents were always there for me no matter how busy they were ; my Mom always knew when something was bothering me - sometimes before I knew myself. She is my rock in life without her in my life encouraging me and believing in me and my dreams I wouldn't be in university pursuing my career.  
Dad always the quiet ways - change the oil, check the tires, as the song goes , his way of saying I love you.  
No they aren't perfect but either am I and I wouldn't trade them for any of my friends parents.  
We've had spats, tears, laughter but that's life.


9/11/2018 10:38:05 AM
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Feb 2010
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I admire

patience, screen free time spent giving all your attention to your kids to make them feel important and special. Taking children with you every where to teach them how to be out in public, and to give them every experience you are able to. Taking time to teach your children life skills, letting them help you with daily tasks (even when they're toddlers and can't really help. It makes them so proud!) Just being a good example to your children, encouraging them to do whatever they want to do in life, being there for them no matter what cheering them on.  
None of this takes money. It's all in the building of a relationship!


9/11/2018 12:02:23 PM
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Feb 2018
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Strength and love

My Parents were strong and taught us to be independent and work hard, make mistakes so we learn from them. Their unconditional love for us still amazes me. No matter how shitty I was or sometimes still can be, I can always call home.


9/11/2018 2:48:00 PM
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Mar 2009
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I always admire parents who can keep their cool when their kid is having an off-the-wall supremo tantrum in a public place.  
I always want to run up and hug the parent {{solidarity}}.


9/11/2018 5:27:13 PM
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Dec 2011
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Work ethic

There are so many admirable qualities my parents have. They were always hard workers whether at home or at work they never complained and just made it seem normal and I’m grateful they instilled that in me.  
They also valued family time and we made amazing childhood memories.  
Parenting is not easy and while I’m sure there were tough times they never let it show.  
My parents also believed in letting us learn and grow on our own. We made mistakes and learned from them and learned to handle our problems so we could function as adults.


9/11/2018 5:36:40 PM
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Sep 2010
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* parents who spend quality time with their child, whether it be 15 minutes or 3 hours, it’s the quality that counts!  
* parents who don’t speak badly of their spouse (or any family member really) in front of the child. It’s not fair to taint a child’s view of their parent, grandparent, aunt etc.  
* parents who take the time to discipline. Time out, spanking, loss of toy or privilege ...whatever it is, just do it! Be consistent and fair and discipline. Bad behaviour results in a consequence, life lesson that should be taught early  
* parents who teach work ethic and don’t do everything for their child.  
* parents who parent and aren’t worried about being their friend. That will come as the child grows into an adult (if you’ve done it right), until then, they need a parent


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