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Topic: Looking for an overnight shift
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9/11/2018 11:33:05 AM
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Mar 2015
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Looking for an overnight shift

I am currently working but i want to work a 11pm to 7am shift. I would perfer nights as i get migraines easily if im up to early in the morning so im thinking if i work over nights and can sleep during the day would be better. I have applied at Home Depot, Blue Water Wash, Walmart and Superstore as well as some other... Any other suggestions


9/11/2018 11:35:27 AM
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Apr 2007
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at the hospital, they have evening and night shifts, even to work there casually would be good.


9/11/2018 12:51:33 PM
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Nov 2012
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Front desk at a Hotel/ Motel..


9/11/2018 2:12:10 PM
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May 2012
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have you

Thought about places like Family Visions or BCO?


9/11/2018 2:24:27 PM
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Mar 2015
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Oh i never thought of those

I have applied at brightscapes before but havent though about family visions etc


9/11/2018 2:51:14 PM
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Nov 2014
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Brightscape Endeavours

Currently hiring .


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