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Topic: Safety
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9/12/2018 12:00:40 AM
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May 2017
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Hi .I am just putting it out there...Do you think bringing in a toddler to a place that might have needles laying on the floor..Do you think the child is not in danger !!


9/12/2018 3:20:05 AM
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Mar 2012
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uh . . .



9/12/2018 8:16:20 AM
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May 2017
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Well ,i live where danger can be a problem. Safety is always on my mind.We have cameras, but they cant be watched every minuite. If a individual dont care about what happens to his drug items - like the needle he just used..It could drop on the floor & he would not notice, because his fix is making him high.So this needle is out there where not only a child could pick it up or anyone!!! So my question is why bring toddlers into a environment where this can happen..People are out right stupid..

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